Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Randomness and a tent

My granddaughter needed a teepee for a school project so Grandma made a tent.

I've wanted to make this doll tent since I bough the pattern and this was the perfect excuse. I didn't make it fancy since it was supposed to be a primitive Indian dwelling.

I didn't have to purchase anything I had all the materials. The fake suede fabric was gifted.
Front view, I used some cording that I've had forever for the ties.

I added a little trim on the side and back. Again I just used some random fabric scraps. For the base I glued some batting to a piece of cardboard and sewed on rings to tie it down.

She also asked for some leg warmers, who knew these would make a comeback. I found a free pattern on Raverly and just modified it. I think the pom-poms could have been smaller but they came out cute.

She's modeling them and it seems that her pet rabbit Mr. Bun buns approves.

I made a pair of fingerless mitts for my Grandson for Christmas, I've made so many pairs of these I don't even need to use a pattern. I held two strands of yarn together so they would be extra warm. 

I also made him a robe for Christmas. I've had this space panda fleece forever, he picked it I was going to make a quillow but since he already has one I decided to make him a robe. He loved it.

I hope everyone has an amazing year.


Thursday, September 1, 2022

Summer's Still Here but Winter is Coming

Second time making this pattern, Butterick 5637. The first time I made it I didn't have enough fabric so it wasn't as full and I didn't line it so it became a "house dress".

I really like this version. I had enough fabric and I really like the fullness and it has pockets!

I make notes in my database when I make a pattern I wish I had read them before making this version. I used the C-D cup pattern piece and I really should have used the A-B but I took it in and it's fine now.

This is the first version, it's at least 10 years old and the fabric is some type of gauze. I really should have lined it but it was gifted fabric so I'm going to call it a wearable muslin.

A little knitting. I started with a sweater pattern and decided to change it to a vest. It would have been way easier to just use a vest pattern but hey that's just me and it came out okay.


I will probably wear it with a shirt until it gets really cold. I have some yarn left so I might make some fingerless mitts.

 I'm so thankful for my hobbies now that my children are grown. My nest may be empty but my hobbies keep me fulfilled.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Wedding Pictures

I forgot to post these. Here's the beautiful bride and my son-in-law. He's a great guy and I'm so happy for them. 

Jamaica was beautiful but the COVID restrictions made it a tad stressful but thankfully everyone made it there and back. Pictured below from left to right, my son, me, my daughter, my grandson and my granddaughter.

My daughter and my grandson.

Me and my daughter.

We're glistening because it was hot! The Royalton resort was very nice but beware they don't serve American size portions. So I recommend going to the buffet or ordering at least 2 meals if you do room service and please be prepared to tip EVERYBODY. 

Butterick 6351 Drama

I thought this would be a quick and easy make. I was going to wear it to see Janet Jackson last weekend and that didn't work out.

I'm making the jumpsuit and when I got to the instructions on how to attach the pants to the bodice I had a complete melt down. It just didn't make sense no matter how I tried so I walked away to sew another day.

I LOVE this fabric, I found it at JoAnn's, it's lace lined with white polyester. I think the white really makes the lace fabric pop. Since my pants were lined I threw the instructions across the floor and proceeded the best way I knew how. It's not finished but I should finish it this weekend. 

I worked out the construction issues. Instead of having an attached band I created a casing for the elastic between my lining and fabric and I'm going to insert the elastic and then attach the pants to the bodice. I will definitely post a finished picture. 


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

A Little Knitting

 I needed an easy project when I went to Jamaica for my daughter's wedding and I didn't have time to shop for yarn so I used what I had in my stash. I started with the purple and soon realized I wouldn't have enough so I searched my stash and found this variegated yarn that I've had forever.

The purple in the variegated yarn was a good match to the purple so I went with it.

When I blocked it I noticed that the variegated was several different lot colors but I'm okay with it. I will probably just wear this in the winter and it was a fun and easy project.

I'm still teaching my granddaughter to sew. I'm thankful that she hasn't lost interest. We're making doll clothes. I hope to get some pictures soon. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Snow Day Sewing


Last week we had some wicked weather which was perfect for finishing sewing projects that have been languishing in my sewing room.

First up pj's for my son. The pattern is very old, it's Simplicity 2318, I've made it several times. The dark knight fleece fabric is leftover from a quillow I made for him. I hope he likes them.

The yoke on this poncho has been languishing for years. I initially made it and paired it with a solid gold colored fleece and it was a terrible combination so I took it apart and purchased a coordinating geometric to go with the gold fleece. I love that poncho and it's very warm. Almost like wearing a blanket. I then purchased this leopard print to go with the off white fleece. I don't love this one as much as the gold one but I will definitely wear it in these frigid temps. 

This is a very old pattern too, Butterick 5715.

And last but definitely not least I made slipper booties to go with my robe, I love them. The pattern is Simplicity 9456. I changed the tie from the back to the front because that just made more sense to me. I used thermal insoles, the soles are four layers, two fleece, thermal insoles and non-skid soles. They are so warm. I wore then for two days straight. I added 1/4 inch elastic and changed the ties from the gray pictured here to black, now they stay up.

The professional wedding pictures should be back soon. Until then happy sewing.

Monday, January 17, 2022



Jamaica 2022

Is this thing on? I haven't blogged in years. I switched to social media along with most of the world until I realized what a horrible and toxic place it is, so now I'm returning to blogging because I feel like I have more control with this medium and I'm really documenting it more for myself.

This is my Mother-of-the-bride dress and I'm very pleased with the way it came out. I used Simplicity 8648 for the duster and Simplicity 3503 for the maxi dress. I've made both of these before so I thought it would make for a smooth process. 

In the middle of constructing the duster my serger decided not to cooperate so I purchased a gently used Babylock Vibrant serger so I could finish. The lacy fabric was terrible to work with and I auditioned several seam finishes but settled on the serger because it added stability to the fabric. 

As you can see in the end it all came together beautifully. Now just to get through all of the travel restrictions and make it to Jamaica. My daughter's original wedding date was June 20, 2020 so I'm praying that everything works out and it goes off without a hitch.

I will most like post most of the pictures from the wedding here and just a few on the gram.