Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's good to have friends

And the birthday celebrating continues, at my second job (yes, I work two jobs) four of us have a birthday club and it's such a blast to get so much love on your birthday, as the picture shows my girls out did themselves and I am feeling so loved. I not only received $50 in my birthday card, I also got gift cards to Wal-Mart, Red Lobster, Hobby Lobby (yea!) and a free movie pass.

My friend Nita does something we affectionately call the Nita dollar store bag, where she goes and fills a bag with all kinds of goodies, the bag is in the back this is what was in the bag, it might sound silly but there's a ton of stuff in that bag and it's all things that you need at some point, as you can see

I made a huge cake to take to work and it was gone in record time, I love my girls but they don’t bake so that’s on me, I really don’t mind I love to cook. I made a butter-cake with chocolate frosting; everything I make is from scratch (ALWAYS). I used the double sheet cake size pan, this was my first time using this pan the cake batter made a mess in oven, but I should have known that when the label said the size was two cake mixes, a scratch cake is not equal to a cake mix, anyway lesson learned, I didn’t even get a piece but everyone said it was very good. I will probably make a chocolate-sour-crème cake tomorrow for home.

To top off the day my Grandson and I went to the $3.00 movie and saw Kung Fu Panda and then we had to make our annual October trip to K-Mart for this….

He's been on a Spiderman kick for past few years, I couldn't believe that he only wanted one costume, he usually wants two or three and he wears them throughout the year.

I really hope to get some sewing in this weekend but I have to admit I’m am really, really enjoying my birthweek.

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Lesalicious said...

WOW it's so good to have friends love all your things. :)