Sunday, October 26, 2008

Waste Not Want Not

We’ve all heard that term, usually from our more seasoned relatives, I prefer seasoned to senior, seasoned means they have more flavor and usually wisdom, years ago when money was really tight I use to braid a woman that went to my church hair, (one of many income generating endeavors) and as a lot of older people will do they will give you things and since she knew that I sewed she would give me fabric, now this fabric was usually horrid but I would graciously accept it and take it home and never think of it again but today as I was planning my sewing projects and getting rid of scraps that I could not justify keeping I ran across this and had it in the pile to trash but then I looked at it closer and determined that the fabric was really heavy and as they say I had a “light bulb moment”, I needed a new ironing pad so I got busy

And This Became my new ironing board cover,

I think this fabric is probably from the 60's if not earlier it has to be older than I am, although I did see this type of fabric in stores over the summer but it wasn't anything like this monstrosity.

My new ironing board cover, cost $0.00 dollars, I used batting I had purchased when I made my sewing table, it came out really nice but took almost all day because of course I had to stop and fix my Sunday breakfast and my first attempt wasn't too great but I finally got it right. I think Sister Julia would be proud and I say “Thank you Sister Julia for teaching me once again; “waste not want not”.

A little Saturday morning baking, I sometimes make muffins and take them in to work on Saturday, everybody is always happy to see my blue carrier because they know something good is in it. These are banana nut muffins, again that waste not want not thing because if I have really ripe bananas this is what they usually become.

I'll leave you with the picture I promised, I like the way the blouse finally came out but when I wore it I wasn't too happy with it, the sleeves tend to slide and I ended up adjusting them all day. I love the fabric it was my second more economical choice I initially wanted the project runway black and white stretch knit but it was almost 2.00 more a yard than this and as you've probably guessed I'm kinda frugal (cheap) lol. I think the entire world will be learning this
way of life with the way the economy is going.

I like to think you would never know that I'm frugal until you get to know me, I try to always dress nice and keep my home looking nice too, although most everything in it I either made or bought at yard sales or second hand. I tell people this was not the way I was wired it has been a learned behavior as a single parent with two children they always came first and I always wanted the best for my children, which is why I started sewing when I had my daughter. I will share some of my other trash to treasure with you at a later date for now have a great week.


Lesalicious said...

WOW the shirt came out totally nice love it. Glad you got it done. Yep waste not want not. I just can't waste at all it looks good. :)Glad you join the Women That Crochet board hope to see you around there.

Tanya said...

That's what I loved about your blog, your recon's are always great.

ittybittyandpretty said...

frugal makes sense! well done

Sheila said...

You did a great job on the blouse and what a creative way to reuse fabric.