Sunday, November 2, 2008

All About Obama

So far this weekend has been a blast, I’m on a roll (literally, you’ll see in a minute) on Halloween I was so hoping that I would get some trick or treater’s this year, I live at the very end of a cul-de-sac and none of my neighbor’s give out candy so it’s a battle to get kids to come all the way down the street for my lone little beckoning porch light but I had high hopes this year and I had spent the previous evening making up Halloween treat bags, 25 to be exact and of course I had bags of candy ready, I did get one group of kids and my GS and his cousins so I was able to get rid of the bags; then I only had one other group of trick or treaters, two kids whose Father was really, really grateful that I had candy.

I can't explain why he's turning his little butt up at me.

Then Saturday started with some baking, I made my not so low-fat apple spice muffins I changed the recipe to 1 cup sugar instead of ½ cup, added a little extra butter, a little vanilla and a ½ teaspoon of baking powder because they didn’t rise enough to me. Of course my girls were very happy, my friend Anita said she was praying that “Tanya’s gets up and bakes” because she didn’t have time to stop at the bakery.

After work my friend Gwen and I went to-- you guessed it to Red Lobster, Saturday was the last day for endless shrimp and I went off and forgot my to go box, I was just being greedy anyway lol. Before we went to dinner we stopped by the Obama campaign office because Gwen didn't have a yard sign better late than never, she's going to the rally tonight. It starts a little late for me 9pm I'm getting ready for tomorrow work day.

My DD and I went to Skater’s for Obama at Skatetown USA and you need to get ready for these pictures but first a little history, I learned to skate on spark throwing steel wheel shoe skates growing up in Compton, CA, I’m sure most of you have never heard of let alone seen a pair of steel wheel shoe skates, let me tell you those things were treacherous, we would be flying down the sidewalk and if one person’s skate came off we all went down. After several months of begging I finally received the best Christmas present ever, my very first pair of “roller-derby skates” I will never forget they were metallic red and my Mother wouldn’t buy the required pom-poms for them so I used my lime-green drill team pom-poms to adore my skates, you couldn’t tell me nothing lol. We use to go the local skating rink in Gardena, CA and (I feel so old saying this) the admission was 25 cents, often that’s all we had was the admission price no money for refreshments so every week they held races and the prize was a drink ticket, let me tell you it’s true when they say need and want are great motivators because I broke my neck to win those races so I could get a drink ticket. My main competition was the rink manager’s daughter who I always thought had an unfair advantage being that she could go to the rink any time she wanted but I won more times than I lost but now I leave the fast skating to the crazy old men that think they still have it but because of all those Saturday’s spent at the rink I am still smooth as silk on skates. We had a ball, now for the pics, (sorry for the long prelude)

This first one is of me with Cincinnati’s ex-vice-mayor Alicia Reece and her family and a councilman or some big shot political mucky-muck whose name escapes me. Alicia sponsors several skating events and old school skater’s show up and show out.

This is me posing with some leftover Halloween decoration that was wearing a Skater's for Obama shirt. This is my I'm going to sweat hairstyle, if I start off with it looking like this it can't get much worse. I made this top over the summer, it's BDC (before digital camera) so I don't remember the particulars but it's a stretch knit top.

Now these two heifers, I don’t know what they were doing but I named one the pussycat doll wannabe and the other MaidofHorror I think her costume was supposed to be a French maid and this was not a costume event. I unsuccessfully tried to confirm if they were transvestites but I left not knowing for sure. What was even worse were all the men that were all over them, these hot messes took the cake for the evening.

My DD said that I should be ashamed of myself for being so fake, because I walked right up too these two and asked if I could take their picture, knowing full well that I was going to slam them on my blog lol.

Here is my DD stuffing her face, it was a catered event but I have worked very hard over the past months to lose some weight and I wasn’t about to eat all that heavy food at midnight some things just ain’t worth it. My DD was quite upset when the caterer gave her one rib, so I did go through the line and gave my plate to her, she's young she can eat like that lol.

Here are some other pics, my DD came up with a really good rule for shopping, she said that if the designer was born after you were you shouldn’t buy their clothes and I agree with her, Apple Bottoms are not for sagging bottoms and we should not be trying to RocAWear when we’re almost in a rocking chair. You be the judge lol.

There's a lot I want to say about this picture but she works down the hall from me and you never know who will stumble across your blog so I'll let you guys fill in the blanks.....

This ladies shirt was really cute, it say’s “Sista’s for Obama” and the earrings on the shirt were little rhinestones, I thought it was really cute.

I do plan to try and get some sewing done before this weekend is over, I saw this jacket on somebody’s blog please forgive me but I’ve forgotten where and I had almost cut out a ruffled shirt pattern using this fabric but I think the jacket will be really cute. On the last season of Project Runway Jerrell said that he buys the fabric and lets the fabric tell him what it should be, I totally got that and I think it’s very true. I’ve had fabric for years but until something just jumps out at me that’s when I’m most excited about a project.
I have to apologize for the lousy formatting, I tried to correct but I'm giving up now. If you can offer any formatting tips I would appreciate it.


Adrienne said...

Looks like you all had a great time!

Lesalicious said...

You all was totally partying you all butts off. Looks like you all had fun. I can't wait to see that jacket you make. I also agree. I let the fabric tells me what it should be. Grrr I hate that season 5 of Project Runway was the last one. That show always inspired me.:)

Sheila said...

Glad you & your daughter had fund.... aww what a great mommy for standing on line to get her another

As for the formatting, everytime you upload a pic to the post, it automatically insert spaces, I just go back when I'm finished uploading the pics and remove the spacing. I hope this help.

Tanya said...

Thanks for all your comments I really appreciate them because you guys were the inspiration for my blog. We did have a ball.
Keep doing what you do, because you never know who you might motivate through your blogs.