Thursday, November 13, 2008

And Sew it Goes

I am like Erica B when she say’s that she likes her clothes to have a ready to wear finish and besides I’m just plain anal about most everything especially sewing. So even though this jacket will be lined I still serged the seams and I also used the fusible tape so that the seams will lay flat after the lining has been attached. I blame my Mother when she sewed for us she was empathic that all seams be finished and this was light years before sergers were available for home use so that meant a lot of fine zigzag stitching and French seams, etc. and she was sewing for 4 girls and her 3 sister’s because she was the only one that sewed, I think she would be proud that 3 of her 4 girls are very good seamstresses. In honor of my Mom I always finish my seams so that my garments look as pretty on the inside as they do on the outside.

The jacket is coming along nicely now, I won’t go into details but let’s just say I’m happy that I had extra fabric. I don’t know if you can tell on this picture but I’m trying to show how well the seams match up.

I want to wear this to a dance on Saturday, I hope to have it finished tomorrow night. I still need to attach the sleeves, complete the lining and I'm doing covered buttons.

Well, wish me luck hopefully there will be pictures this weekend.


Sheila said...

Your seams are looking good and that is one thing I'm also learning to do - making sure the garment looks just as good on the inside. I still have not mastered the french seam yet.

Faye Lewis said...

I like my garments to look really neat inside too. Your work looks really nice. Thanks for you comment on my blog. The turtle neck top was SUPER easy to put together. I think you'll like it.

Lesalicious said...

You did great on the seams I try using my serger foot for my seams it gives it a good of a edge to it. You don't even know it was handmade. Great job.:) Can't wait to see it when you is totally done.