Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Dress

I've had this pattern for over ten years and I just wanted to share the story that goes with it. I had planned to make this dress for a Christmas party all those years ago, it's been so long I don't remember which party but I had the pattern laying on my sewing table and a woman (who shall remain nameless) that use to keep my kids after school FOR FREE (this is important) saw it while dropping the kids off and insisted that I make it for her. OH THE HORROR! I was out done, I couldn't say no and jeopardize my free child care but I most certainly did not want to make the dress for her and then have someone with the same dress, I tried subtle hints to let her know that I had planned to make the dress for myself but she wasn’t picking up on the fact that I really, really did not want her to have the same dress as I would so I made her the dress and it was gorgeous, she choose a dark blue velvet with the coordinating satin trim and wore it to her husband’s Christmas Party and of course I never made it for myself. Since that was oh so many years ago and the offender has moved away I am considering making this dress for the many upcoming Holiday Parties. I had planned to make it in the green color that is pictured on the pattern. So what do you think? Should I just get over myself and make the dress or find another pattern that doesn’t have bad memories associated with it?


Sheila said...

I don't think its such a bad memory. Just knowing that now you can make a version that's truly you. Go for it.

Kt said...

Make it! It is so pretty!


I made this dress for a friend. Reding this entry from your blog brought back pleasent memories.
I made it using brown velvet & gold satin for the top of the dress.