Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

My friend gave me a gift card to Hancock’s for Christmas so I’m going to blame her but I have cut out 4 projects to get done in as many days. The first will be McCalls 5469 View B, out of a brown stretch knit that I purchase while in Texas.

Next will be Butterick 5283 View B I have a dark forest green stretch knit that I plan to coordinate with the jacket from McCalls 5398. I apologize that there's no picture for 5398 but I kept getting an error when I tried to upload it. It's just a short shrug type jacket and it's breaking one of the fashion rules I set for myself, which is at my age I shouldn't buy a half of nothing this is why I have avoided the half jackets and shrugs for as long as I have but this one really got my attention and rules are meant to be broken lol.

And lastly I will make Butterick 5254 view C out of a hot pink fleece that was
purchased with the gift card. The jacket is lined, at first I was going to omit the lining but then I ran across this white with pink polka dot fabric that I’ve had so long I can’ remember when I purchase it but the label was still attached. I’m thinking this was probably a yard sale find and this definitely will help add some color to my wardrobe.

I don't know if you can read it but it says 6 yds no flaws for $3.00.

Well there you have it my first sewing projects for 2009, wish me luck I would hate to get off to a bad start.

I wore the jacket the other day, here are some pictures. I really like the jacket but I hate the convoluted Butterick top it just didn't work with the jacket and will probably go to the goodwill. I resorted to the standard black turtleneck.

The Christmas tree and all the other holiday decorations are finally down. Every year I put up my “Happy New Year” sign and print out the year and make everyone that comes over take a picture under it wearing a party hat. My kids hate it but the hat is not optional.

My Grandson is the only one who still thinks this is fun lol. He's wearing one of the 6 pairs of pj's that he received for Christmas, he is pj crazy.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year's. Every year I make resolutions mostly just to be a better person, attend church more regularly, save money etc, but I don't think I'm going to do that this year, just going to take life one day at a time and try to work on all the things I've promised myself and God throughout the year.

Be Safe and Be Well


Sheila said...

Happy New Year!

I like your 2009 sewing line-up.

Great jacket and like the black turtleneck paired with it.

Aww your grandson is such a cutie.

Andrea said...

Happy New Year!!!
I agree with Sheila, The jacket is awesome, and it does look good with the black turtleneck.

Your grandson is a cutie!!

Lesalicious said...

Love the jacket so cute. Love that color. I see you have a lot of sewing plan already. WOW can't wait to see all of your things you do this year.:)