Sunday, December 28, 2008

Something for Me

Once I finished my marathon Christmas sewing it occurred to me that I would have a few days of free time so I got busy on this.

I know another jacket with a peplum, I think I'm in a rut but I like it here. I had purchased this pattern at the last Vogue 1.99 sale and when I went to Texas I found the perfect fabric. The pattern was horizontal but the fabric has great two-way stretch and I preferred the pattern to be vertical so that's the way I cut it out. This fabric was $1.50/yd at the Wal-Mart in Atlanta, TX. I think one of my New Year's resolution's has to be to add some color to my wardrobe. I'm color phobic; I tend to stick with either black and white or earth tones.

It's very New Year's Eveish, the picture doesn't really show how sparklely it is, maybe it will motivate me to go to watch night service this year.

Initially I was going to make the Vogue top but I didn't have enough black fabric so I went with this Butterick B4347, style D. I thought this neckline would work well with the collar on the jacket. I wasn't really happy with this top, I think it's a little convoluted. The collar isn't attached and the pattern calls for a zipper but since my fabric was very stretchy I didn't add the zipper. I still think the construction is odd.

The jacket was SUPER easy, the longest part was hand sewing the facing down but other than that it was a breeze. I usually sew my seams on my regular machine and then serge, I tested this fabric and found that serging it was sufficient and worked great, which definitely helped cut down on time. I used a lot of the fusible hem tape to stablize the hem and collar and then sewed the hem because this fabric was really stretchy and I didn't want that wavy hem thing to happen. You will have to wait for a picture of me wearing it because I look a hot mess today; Mammie scarf and all lol.

I didn't think I would use my old machine since I purchased the new Kenmore, (hereto referred to as E2) but I am finding it very handy to have both machines. There are things about my old machine, (hereto referred to as E1) that I like better than on E2. I perfer E1's blind hem stitch, sewing on buttons, snaps and closures E1 can't be beat but she has to concede defeat on the buttonholes which is why I purchased a new machine E1's buttonhole stitch quit working. E2 kicks butt on button holes, I haven't used the automatic buttonhole but the manual was awesome. There are no buttonholes on this jacket but I used it on my friends jacket and I was very impressed. I'm very glad that I have my very long sewing table where all three machines can sit comfortably and be ready to use.

It's a very cosy space and I'm really glad that I reclaimed it from the kids. The computer is right next to my sewing table so I can listen to my favorite jazz station while I sew but most of the time the TV is on and I'm half listening to it.
I won't go into what I received for Christmas but suffice it to say that I felt very blessed and I am very proud of my children. Christmas let me know that I've raised thoughtful giving children and really that's the best present of all.
I hope everyone has a great week, mine will be short, I'm only working Monday and Tuesday of next week so you can bet there will be some sewing going on.


Sheila said...

Thats a great looking jacket and like the idea of placing the print vertical.

Faye Lewis said...

I love your new jacket, I've thought about that pattern several times but have never bought it. Who in the world has $1.99 Vogue sales, and isn't that amazing Atlanta, Texas who would have thought. You remind me so much of a friend of mine who lives in Virginia. Have a great sewing time!

Tanya said...

Faye, I could be wrong but I thought Hancock had their Vogue patterns for 1.99 but it was probably 3.99 sometimes the details get foggy. I was pleasantly surprised by the fabric dept. in TX, I should have a few more completed projects from that stash soon.