Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sweatshop Sewing

This has to be what it feels like to work in a sweat shop. So far I’ve made 11 aprons and two pairs of PJ's. I have 3 more like this to make and two pairs of girls footie PJ's.

These were the same size so I don't even cut my serger threads I complete all the seams for the cuffs, neckband and bottom band at the same time. I have been making these for so long I don't even need to look at the guide sheet and it only takes about an hour to complete a pair. I usually buy flannel whenever it's on sale and I hit the Motherload when Wal-Mart discontinued their fabric department, this flannel cost .74/yd, now that's a deal.

I am so tired of these aprons but I stand by my decision and I think it was a good Christmas gift choice, everyone that received one really liked it.

Now it's time to start thinking about my Christmas dinner. I'm going to do a turkey since we were in Texas for Thanksgiving, cornbread dressing, greens, sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese and my Grandmother's homemade yeast rolls. For dessert I want a sweet potato pie, I know I have the casserole but we didn't have pie at Thanksgiving and I want some pie, carrot cake, whipping cream pound cake and maybe an apple pie. I made a carrot cake and cheesecake yesterday for our Christmas party at work today they were very good. I'm going to really have to work out to get rid of these holiday calories, oh well I'll worry about that next year. That way the whole world will be dieting with me lol.

I hope everyone is on schedule, I should be finished with the boy's PJ's tomorrow; Saturday finish the girls and Sunday make my friends jacket. Whew! I'm going to be busy aren't I?

I mailed my Christmas cards last weekend and I'm just wondering are you sending out Christmas cards this year? I've only received about half of what I usually get, I guess people aren't doing that kind of thing so much anymore. I enjoy getting Christmas cards and always display them, I like to include a Christmas letter in mine just to recap the highlights from the year.


Faye Lewis said...

Thank you for the birthday greeting! I had a great time. Looks like you are sewing up a storm, which is just the way I like it too. Merry Christmas!

Crochet Goddess said...

I love the pj's. You have a great blog. I hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful Christmas.

Sheila said...

.74/yd now that is a sale... I totally love the pjs and yes being all grown and rusty I am a pj fiend... I can be caught in the most outrageous

I like the neckline and cuffs on the pjs, which pattern are you using?

I have only sent out a dozen cards and hopefully will finish the rest today and mail them tomorrow if I can get through the snow mess here.

Wishing you a Beautiful Holiday.

Tanya said...

I'm sure these would be considered "vintage" patterns I used Butterick 3042 and McCalls 6305 they are basically the same but the butterick pattern includes a X-Mas hat and botties which I've never made.
I hope you have a great holiday too.