Sunday, December 27, 2009


I finished the Betty Boop pj's. I made bottoms, a cami and robe.

This is the cutest fabric, my DD loves it.

I couldn't get a picture of her wearing it.

I'll leave you with a little trivia, if you know what these are then I could probably guess your age, I had to buy some when I saw them. Doesn't it make you proud that these are still made in the good old USA lol.

Have a great week.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Here's my DD modeling her Slouchy star crossed beret.
Isn't she a cutie.

Christmas was awesome, I got some gift cards to JoAnns and other crafty stuff. My GS had a ball and was very pleased with his over compensating Grandma. I'm glad it's over now we can get to the grown up holiday New Year's Eve.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blizted Out

So it's a good thing I'm done. This is the last pair, love this hockey themed fabric it was on sale at JoAnn's.

The last robe, this is more of the Hancock fleece.
Here is LJ being a reluctant model, he's still cute as a button.

I still have the Betty Boop pj's for my DD but she's 27 and will certainly understand if they're not finished before Christmas and if not I will just remind her that the robe idea was hers. I will probably get it finished tomorrow between baking and cooking.
Wishing everyone the best Christmas ever.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almost There

The younger boys wanted pj's so here is one pair, I have one more to go. It's the same pattern and these work up really fast. It's McCalls 4291.

After my DD saw the first robe she said that I had to make all of the boys one, why do I listen to her, they asked for pj's so pj's is what they should get but you know how kids are and I couldn't stand to see them disappointed. This fleece is from Hancock, it only cost a little more than the Wal-Mart fleece but the quality is much better. Steer clear of the Wal-Mart stuff.

My GS was getting a little green with all the sewing I was doing for others so I whipped him up something from the leftovers. The fleece pants should keep him warm.

Another Star Crossed Slouchy Beret on my needles, this one is for my DD the yarn is I love this yarn, sparkle. It doesn't really show in the picture but it's very festive.

I'm off tomorrow so hopefully I will finish the 09 Christmas PJ Blitz. Wish me luck

Friday, December 18, 2009

Two Down Two to Go

Here's the second robe. I'm getting faster, hopefully I can finish the other two this weekend.
Since they're for young boys I sewed the belt to one of the belt loops so that it won't get lost.
This is the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret you can see it modeled on Adrienne's blog. This is a fun and fast knit, yes fast even for me. This one will be on it's way to Chicago tomorrow. I'm going to start on a red one for my DD. I didn't get a picture of the hat that I made to go with the red scarf but it was really cute and I didn't want to give it away. Now I can't find any more of the yarn I used so that I can make one for myself.

More to come later.....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tis' the Season (Picture Heavy)

This is the only sewing I did this weekend, needless to say I'm way behind schedule, you'll see why....

I saw this adorable fabric and decided that I had enough time to make my DD a cami, pj bottoms and a robe---I think I'm super woman. I did get everything cut out.

Saturday night was Sherrie's annual Christmas get together. She use to facilitate the Single Parent Support group at my church so a few of us still get together every year to celebrate the kids are grown and mostly gone lol.

And tonight I decided to take my GS to see the Holiday in Lights at Sharon Woods we've gone before but we usually just drive through the park and see the lights this is the first year that we visited SantaLand, it definitely won't be the last time.

They had an indoor play area, which LJ loved.

A train display that was really cool.

Here is LJ with the Mayor of Santaland, too cute.

Of course the lights.

A puppet show, he was Scrooge.

The Charles Dickens Carolers.

All manner of Christmas goodies, LJ had a cookie on a stick and I got a snickerdoole, yummy.

And just in case you forgot you were at a park, this is a fake snake.

This was a real snake. I hate snakes. Of course LJ thought that was cool.

And I'll leave you with the cutest little reindeer, isn't she a doll.

So yeah I'm way behind on my sewing but it was so worth it. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

One Down Many More To Go

This is the first Christmas robe, luckily I only have to make one more the other boys requested the 1 hr. pj's--God Bless em'. The pattern is my old standby Butterick 3042, the pj bottoms are McCalls 9638, this is the Wal-Mart fleece and I'm not to impressed with it, I prefer Hancock's.

The bottom fabric is left over from previous years, it's a good match.

This is my most recent project, a Christmas scarf, simple garner stitch the yarn on the bottom is called Whirligig it was on sale at Hobby Lobby, I plan to make a matching hat.

I "finished" the brown sweater, I'm going to frog the bottom because it's not long enough, argh. I wish the color looked like it does in this picture but it's kinda of dull, I'm considering dyeing it once I'm really finished, I ran out of the original yarn and the dye lots are a little off, no one can tell but me but that's enough reason to dye it.

Oh well, gotta run trying to get the Christmas tree up, I think this is going to be one of those years where I'm racing against the clock up until Christmas Eve, when will I learn.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 09 (Picture Heavy)

Once again we had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Atlanta/Bivins Tx. If you need any further evidence that the food was abundant, plentiful and delicious here is Uncle Son after the meal, if this isn't itis I don't know what is lol.

This game helped work off some of those calories, if you've never played it is a blast.

Here's Brannon and Jared, they pride themselves on being the champs.

Which is why he was hating when we won.
Why don't my cakes ever come out this good at home?

Jared is a HUGE Dallas Cowboy's fan, in light of their record this year I'm trying to make him a Cincinnati Bengal's convert but I found out that their colors and mascot is the same as his high school rival's so I don't think he will be wearing this to school.

And of course I managed to squeeze in some fabric shopping. Thankfully the Wal-mart in Atlanta still has their fabric dept. I got these two stretch knits off the 1.50/yd table.

Some sheers for summer.

And their fleece was on sale for 2.84/yd, now I'm committed to making robes for the boys this Christmas.

That's it for me, it was a very nice Thanksgiving I even managed to see my Uncle Travis and Aunt May who I haven't seen since I was 16, they live in Dumas, ARK. It added about 4 hours to our trip home but it was worth it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

No sewing

But you know I've been up to something right. I crocheted 1 1/2 pair of Red Heart's free Toe-Up Slippers pattern. I was in need of some slipper socks, these were quick and easy. I used two strands of yarn and for the cuff I used Paton's Twister along with the hot pink, I received the Paton's Twister in my first crochet swap. I'll finish the match to this one tonight.

I know, I know these don't match but I was trying to use up my scraps, I used two strands of yarn but as you can see I ran out of the beige on the second one. I used some fun fur on the cuffs. It took about 3 hours to finish these, crochet is much, much faster than knitting or it might just be I'm faster at crocheting than I am knitting.

I finally finished my first knitted hat, it's the ribbed watchman's cap from Knitting for Dummies, I'm still waiting for this book to show up in Half Price Books, I may have to break down and order it from Amazon.

I'm going to rework the sleeves on this top I think I'm going to cut off to where the elastic is and add cuffs.