Sunday, January 11, 2009

Does this hurt your eyes?

Here is this weekend's project. I was going to make a blouse using McCalls 5323 but I ran across this fabric that I've had for years and decided to make this jacket because obviously I just can't help making jackets. This is McCalls 5803 copyright 1992 boy do I feel old. This picture doesn't show the pattern, it's not hounds tooth as you might think. I was inspired by Erica B to try some tailoring techniques on this jacket. I have a severe aversion to should pads after living through the horrible 80's where we did absurd things with this simple tailoring tool. But I did conquer my fear and purchased the smallest shoulder pad I could find, made a simple sleeve head and lined it with a black lining fabric.

This is the reverse side, you can see there's a light blue stripe throughout.

Here is a close up of the pattern, don't stare at it too long you'll go blind lol.

Here's the stretch khaki pants, they're McCalls 5710 view C, these are really flare legs, they remind me of the "elephant leg" pants of the 70's so I trimmed about 1 inch from each side so they wouldn't be that flare because I don't have a pair of platform shoes with fish in the heels to wear with them.

Someone asked about the website I referenced in a comment I posted on Carolyn's blog about hair care. The website is and I actually don’t use her products but a friend purchased her book and I read it and have been using her simple techniques for the past 7+ years. Her advice is very simple and if the products she recommends in the book were not working I would probably purchase her products but Motions products work great and are readily available. Here is a picture of me from 2002 this is how short my hair was I was just coming out of the every 40+ yr. old woman hairstyle, where you cut it very short and shaved close in the back. I thought this would be a carefree hairstyle but it actually made me a slave to the hairdresser. Using her techniques has really helped my hair to grow and be very healthy and now I just wash it, wrap it and go, with the exception of the occasional “I’m going to sweat hairstyle”. I hope this helps. This is me and my sister Cesly, wow how time flies, 2002 that was over 7 years ago. I guess it's time to start planning a trip home to Cali.

I hope everyone has a great week. Happy Sewing.


Faye Lewis said...

Very nice looking jacket. You did a great job. Hair question, do you wear a relaxer?

Lisa H. said...

Your jacket looks very nice.You did a good job.No 80's look at all.I think everyone fears the 80's shoulder pad look.(LOL)

Omega said...

Nice jacket, classic...great job!

Tanya said...

Faye, yes I wear a relaxer I use Optima-regular, which was one that she recommended in the book. I do my own, I know everybody wouldn't try that but I've been doing it for the past 7+ years and haven't had any problems.

Lesalicious said...

WOW it does hurt when you look at it to long but, love the color love the jacket. Oh I use TCB and been using that for years.:)

Sheila said...

I agree, very nice Jacket and the pattern works well with the style of it.