Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Kreativ Blogger Award – My Very First Award

I was nominated for this award by Faye and I am just blown away. I’m also blown away by the fact that “The one and only Erica B” is now following my humble little blog. She and all the other blogger’s have been a huge inspiration to my sewing and creativity. Part of the award is that I have to nominate 7 other bloggers, that’s the hard part but here goes:

Erica B – How could I not, her stuff is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
Adrienne – I can always depend on her for a laugh and her endless list of talents. (Painting?whoa)
Sheila – Another woman of many talents, she sews, crochets and knits and has given me personal help on a project.
Lesa - I love her recon’s, crocheted items and her self drafted patterns are always amazing
Andrea – She’s my learn to knit motivator
Cidell – I love her blog, I like the everythingness of it (I know that’s not a word)
JC – a newbie how exciting to watch the process of someone new to sewing.

I was going to nominate Carolyn but somebody beat me to it, she’s very detailed and I love her pics.

I was going to post a complaint because people were giving me grief at work today because I don’t sew for other people, one lady said that was very selfish and I said yes it was; I use to sew for people years ago went my children were small and it was nothing but grief and hardship with a few rare exceptions. People were horrible and treated me like I was some type of lowly servant and I hate to say this but church people were the worse. Now if I have the time after working two jobs I sew for me only (except at Christmas). And I refuse to do alterations with the exception of my family because people always want you to do the impossible and then they’re never pleased. People that don’t sew can’t appreciate what goes into garment construction. They want Saks Fifth Ave. construction at K-Mart prices. Well there’s my rant but the award did wonders for improving my mood.

This is what’s on the sewing table for tomorrow. I’m using a black and white flannel, the pattern doesn’t call for lining but I’m going to line it. It’s a caplet so the underside is going to show, I think it needs to be lined. It’s McCalls 5764. I really need to start doing pattern reviews; I started one but it felt like work so I didn’t finish it but I think they’re helpful so I’ll give it another try.

I was flattered that my friends step-daughter wants me to help her make a halter dress, that should be fun. I wish my own DD would show an interest, well maybe one day.

I really appreciate the award and all your kind comments on my projects. Sewing Bloggers Rock!


JC said...

Hi Tanya. Thanks for the comment and nomination. I'll follow your instructions. Also enjoy your comments. Unfortunately, many out there want something for nothing. I love that McCalls's pattern that you'll be starting tomorrow. I'll keep checking back on your project. Thanks again for posting and for your encouragement.

Lesalicious said...

OMG thanks so much, I am so happy that you nominate me WOW in awwww. :) thanks a bunch. I so love visiting your blog, I am always coming back to check out your blog to see what you have created you is a great sewer love all your work.

Also getting mad at you lol, you beat me to that pattern I also have that was going to start on it next week, but, doing mines in light weight denim. Good luck maybe I may need your help after you is done with your. Now off to finish sewing up my jeans.:)

KARIMA said...

yes people do seem to want you to sew for nothing, or at a price that they can get at wal mart. And repairs and alterations!!!!! They want you to fix and repair clothing that are old and really beyond repair. Beside, the cost for you to repair it is more then the item cost. I hate repairs and alteration for other people. Sorry for my rant, but I am so feeling you on that.

Erica Bunker said...

Hi Tanya,
Thanks so much for the award. Let me jump on your bandwagon by agreeing with you about sewing for others. I do some custom sewing from my home. Lawd... let me tell you... folks think they are getting a "discount" because you are sewing for them!!! I had to break this lady down and explain to her that that custom sewing is expensive! Much more expensive than ready-to-wear. If I sew something for you, I don't take shortcuts. It's going to be as close to couture as you can get... and you are going to pay me what I'm worth! Some people play ball and others don't. Fine by me... more time to sew for myself!

Sheila said...

Thank You for the Awesome Award. I understand what you are saying about sewing for others. I've actually taken a back step and really take on sewing or crochet projects I will enjoy. Recently I did patio door curtains and I really enjoyed doing it, which was quick and easy and also do a few hats set. Outside of those recent projects, I've been declining work.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.