Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lets talk Color

I'm almost finished with my attempt to add some color to my wardrobe, all I have to do is add the buttonholes and buttons and this will be finished. Let me just say that I LOVE IT!

Here you can see the lining and I really like the polka dot, who knew. I didn't know if I would like this or not but wasn't too concerned because if I didn't no one would see it anyway but I really like the light pink polka dot against the hot pink or should I say fuchsia.

These are the buttons, they're transparent hot pink, how cool is that. I'm going to be one hot pink Mama.

And look what I found in my yarn stash, it's a perfect match so I will be trying to crank out a hat and scarf to match the jacket today but I also cut out two pairs of khaki pants that I wanted to make today so we'll see and since I was up until 3:00 this morning I'm sure I'll be crashing and burning around 2:00 today.

That's about it for now, I will post some pictures of me wearing it soon. Back to the grind next week which is going to be very difficult I haven't gone into the office for the past two week's I've just been working from home, that makes it really difficult to get up, get dressed and drive to work, it's such an outdated notion don't you think? But if I didn't go where would I wear all my clothes.


Sheila said...

You did a great job on the jacket.

Kyra said...

Love the pink color! Great jacket.

Best, Kyra