Friday, January 9, 2009

New Clothes

Don't you just love wearing new clothes? I really enjoyed wearing everything I made over the holiday's this week.

First let's start with Monday. I wore the brown knit top with the khaki pants. I really like this top but I think it's better suited to Spring, it's very light weight but worked well with the turtleneck.

This is my Steve Urkel pose, I'm trying to show the waistband on the pants, it looks really high doesn't it lol. These fit really nice. I am almost finished with the second pair of khaki's and was pleasantly surprised when I realized the fabric is a stretch khaki, the pants fit very nice but I couldn't finish them because I didn't have the correct fastener (AARGH).

Since I only went to work two days this week, let's move on to the the hot pink fleece jacket. I will call this my WTH was I thinking hat. I had the bright idea to do something different, well you see how that turned out.

I frogged it and made something that I wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in public wearing, and this was the final result. Much better don't you think? I only had one skein of this color so I just made a short scarf to go with the hat.

Lastly I'll leave you with a picture of the only thing that keeps my feet warm while sewing. I use to make slippers for my Mother when I was in junior high school and now I find that I have to have a pair to wear while sewing. I literally wore a hole in my last pair so I whipped these up this week. They're crocheted because I still can't knit but I'm not giving up hope, the needle craft group at the library starts tomorrow.

I've changed my mind about my next project. I've had the fabric forever I think I made a suit out of it years ago but I ran across it and had enough left to cut out a short swing jacket, I know, I know another jacket but at least it doesn't have a peplum.


Sheila said...

I agree it is definitely fun to wear your personally-made garments. I like the way you paired the turtleneck with the top and honestly, I've seen a few coworkers wearing it like that.

You are too funny, but you did a great job on the revamped hat and it goes well with your coat.

Manecoarse said...

I love the pink coat and accessories. You look so cute. The slippers look so comfy. I bet they are wonderful to sew in.

Faye Lewis said...

That is such a lovely color on you. I like the jacket and now need to go back in your posts to see what pattern you made it from. And the pants, what pattern?

Faye Lewis said...

And P.S. the buttonholes on the fleece jacket- was the front interfaced! Could you shoot me an email to tell me about your buttonhole experience on the fleece?

Tanya said...

Faye, I'll answer you here, someone else might be interested in the answer. The Jacket was Butterick 5254, style C and the pants were Butterick 5221 style D. The jacket was lined and interfaced which really helped with the buttonholes, they didn't sink like Carolyn said when she posted about her fleece jacket, which was awesome and I also used her tips about ironing fleece. Thanks for all your wonderful comments you guys keep me inspired.

Lisa H. said...

Wow Tanya,you've been a busy woman.I like everything,especially the revamped hat,scarf and that lovely jacket.The slippers look warm and comfortable.
Thanks for visiting my blog and I'll be visiting yours often.I saw a lot of nice things in your previous posts.

Joyce in NC said...

I have a few questions about the Hair Care products you suggested on Carolyn's blog. Could I email you directly?
Joyce in NC

Lesalicious said...

I totally love wearing all the things I make. I love all your garments you did great. Can't wait to see what else you got of your sleeves this year.:)

Tanya said...

Joyce you can email at