Sunday, January 25, 2009


I finished the black and white plaid caplet—TaDa

I’m very happy with it, my plaids line up, yippee! Most sewer’s are hesitant to work with plaids and I’m no exception, for one you usually need more fabric to match the plaid and your layout is critical if you cut it out wrong you’re toast.

This is the front, I've had these buttons forever and thought they went well with this fabric.

The back seam is a fraction of inch off but now I'm just being neurotic. If anybody is close enough to tell then they obviously love me and won't care lol.

Here are the side seams.

I did line it with black lining fabric which I had to piece together because I didn't have enough but it worked and you can't see my patch work.

And here's the finished product. I cut the belt out but I think I'm going to go with one I already have; I don't want to push my luck with the plaid.

This probably means another AM photo shoot. I will post a pic wearing it soon. So don't be afraid of those big bad plaids they can be tamed and even fun to work with, I'm so lying here I wouldn't say it was fun it was very nerve racking but the finished product is very satisfying.

I even finished early now I can rest and relax with my first attempt at an afghan, so far so good it should be finished by next winter lol.


Faye Lewis said...

Your cape turned our really nice. What type of fabric did you use?

Tanya said...

I used a flannel that I've had forever, I don't remember when/where it was purchased. I only had 2 1/2 yds. which is what the pattern called for.

Anonymous said...

Very cute capelet! I love the flannel!

Sheila said...

You did a fantastic job on the Capelet and looking forward to your AM shoot.

I avoid plaids like its a plague, but looking forward to conquering that for 2009.

Aminat said...

Oh my, your capelet looks so beautiful. Someday, am going to have nerve to make something with plaid. Love it.

Lesalicious said...

I like how the caplet turned out you did a great job. Now only I have to do mines soon. :) Great job

Julia said...

I love this jacket. Great job on matching your plaids.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.