Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snowbound Day 3

Well this is Day 3 that we've been snow bound. So far we've avoided a "Hereeeeeeeee's Johnny" type of episode. That's a reference to "The Shining" for those of you who are not Stephen King or Jack Nicolson fans. Here's a picture of my poor little japanese maple all covered and weighed down with ice.

This was yesterday morning, when we finally received the last snow from this storm. I think we have over 8 inches but that's what the weatherman says we got.

This is my home office, what you say it looks like a laptop sitting on a box on top of a tv tray. I've improvised here. I use to work downstairs and hook my laptop up to my home monitor but now that we have wireless internet I just roll out of bed and I'm at work. I bought the shelf at a yard sale for $2.00 but it comes in very handy. I need someplace to keep my beverages, work cell phone, ophs is that the tv remote. I'm busted and my crochet, I can get a few rows done while waiting for files to load.

This is what I've done to keep myself sane these past few days. I made another pair of slippers, I didn't want to wait until my current pair had a hole in them.

Here's my long term project, my first afghan. I have a lot of varigated yarn so I'm using it to make this afghan. So far so good.

Here's the picture from my Crochet magazine. The pattern is for a bed skirt, I don't think my bed needs a skirt but it could use an afghan for these cold winter nights.

I haven't done any sewing because I didn't have the heart to kick the kids out of the basement. They had a little cabin fever too so I just stayed in my room crocheting and I had a hard time deciding on a project, since I can't make a quick run to the fabric store I had to have everything that I need on hand. But I'm going to make me and my DD some pj's out of this flannel that I got at--you guessed it--Wal-Mart, it was 75% off the 2.57 so that's .64/yd.

I'm going to shorten view B for the top, and make the pj bottoms.

My DD braved the elements today because my grandson needed some cough syrup, I wonder if all that sledding he did has anything to do with that, hmmmm. Oh well, I think the worse is over , we survived and I think we still like each other lol.

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Julia said...

What a way to keep yourself busy while being snowed in. Your office looks cozy to me!! The snow is beautiful. I hope it is over for you. Our daughters got a lot. We had sunshine today. I think it's the first day all winter that we actually saw blue sky, but it's over tonight and tomorrow, more rain and snow mixed. I am ready for spring.