Friday, January 2, 2009

So Far So Good

First some New Year's pic's.

My DS and GS, he wants to be in every picture, with them damn pj's on.

Gwen and I, she's going to kill me she told me her hair was a mess but she took the picture anyway. We've know each other for 20+ years so I'm sure she will forgive me. Gwen is deaf, I'm making the sign for "I love you" not the rocker sign lol.

My DD, she said I didn't have permission to post her picture on my blog, who does she think

she is, she can't give or not give permission I'm the Mommy.

Okay now for the sewing, remember I was breaking my own rule about the "half of something" and I don't know if I like this or not so please chime in and reassure me of my choice. I think it looks okay in the picture maybe I just have to get comfortable wearing it. I made some mistakes too, the jacket/shrug pattern had mid length sleeves and I wanted long sleeves so I added several inches about 4 too many so now I have cuffs.

I really like the way this top came out, it too didn't have long sleeves and I knew that I wanted to wear it with a turtleneck, (it is winter) so I lengthened the sleeves and thankfully I got it right. I did add two darts to the back because it was way to loose around the neck, you can see how loose it is here and that's after adding the darts. I was going to add a seam down the back to take it in but I like the loose fit and wanted to keep that so I went with the darts and you can't tell that it wasn't part of the pattern. I like it with the turtleneck and scarf. You must accessorize.

Now I only have the fleece jacket left to make, I may not have any time to sew tomorrow but I still should have it finished by the end of the weekend. Although there have been a few snags I'm pretty happy with the way these projects have come out. I'm starting off 2009 with a bang.

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