Saturday, January 3, 2009

Swap Swap Gals

This is for the Swap. This will be the first time I've participated in a swap so here goes......

My Hobbies are:

sewing, cooking, baking and crochet probably in that order.

What is your favorite color?


Favorite foods?

Seafood, chocolate and anything made from scratch.

Favorite things you like to do?

Sew, bake, cook, crochet. Jog/Walk in the park on a nice spring day. Spend time with my kids and grandson. Read a good book, anything by James Patterson, Dean Koontz and some things by Stephen King--he gets a little crazy sometimes.

Why do I crochet?

My sister said that she started to crochet to help with "midlife changes" I hadn't crocheted since junior high school but I purchased the book "Crocheting for Dummies" and have been on a roll ever since. I work from home several days a week and find it is a great time filler while waiting for files to load and helps to keep me sane while I'm isolated, you never know how much time you fill with office chit chat until you don't have it.

What do you like about crocheting?

The diversity, the options are endless and there's something for every skill level. I've found that I learn something with every project that I've done and I have subscribed to several crochet magazines and can always find something that piques my interest.

Your least favorite colors?

I don't know. I'm somewhat color phobic in that I tend to stick with the same colors--earth tones or browns and beige but I will use pretty much any color just to try and broaden my horizons.

What type of yarns do I like?

I have fallen in love with I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby, I think it feels much better than Red Heart and doesn't cost that much more. I have also used the boucle yarns and like the finished product but they can be somewhat difficult to work with.

My favorite hook size?

I would have to say I or J. I recently purchased several double-ended hooks at Hobby Lobby and am looking for projects that use them.

What do I like to crochet the most?

I would have to say wearables are my favorite things to crochet. I made several sweater vest that came out really nice and are very warm and you just can't beat the old standby hat and scarf for a quick satisfying project.


Faye Lewis said...

Thanks for the comment on my coat. Yes, I love my sewing room - right now it is a real mess. I'm about to finish my first fleece project, inspired by your fleece jackets.

Julee aka Jewls said...

Oo, Hi Tanya!!

Looks like your my swap partner!!

Can't wait to get started on your box and I can't wait to get to know you.