Wednesday, February 11, 2009

By George, I think she's got it

Look at all those purty garter and stockinette stitches, still need to work on the seed stitch.

I remember receiving this issue of my beloved Crochet! magazine and feeling like it was a slap in the face with the Knit N Crochet section, although I love the car coat on the cover. What was that about! With the exception of Sheila, I know very few people who do both. I think knitter’s secretly look at crochet as knitting’s ugly cousin lol and feel kinda sorry for us poor souls who just can’t master those intimidating needles.

Maybe after several more hours of practice I will try this sweater, I don’t like the sleeves so I’ll change those but I don’t need to be afraid of those twin needles any longer and this week I will shop for knitting tools of the trade. I wasn’t going to invest anymore than I already have until I was able to do the basics. I’m happy to say that perseverance paid off and I learned a lot about me and the way I learn. It’s not enough for someone to show me how it’s done, I need to understand WHY it has to be done that way. I wish I had figured out this little personality quirk sooner I bet I would have done a lot better in math lol.

Well that's it for the knitting update. I am so proud of myself, it took awhile but I figured it out. Just so you know I like both crocheting and knitting. I just didn't want to limit myself by not being able to knit there are some things that crochet is far better at, ex. afghans but I really like knitting for sweaters and other wearables.

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Sheila said...

Congrats on knitting!! I was looking through the 3/09 Crochet! last night and have my eye on 2 projects I'd like to make.

Keep up the good work.