Thursday, February 5, 2009

Like I need more patterns

But I did tell my friend to pick up the phone if she saw McCalls patterns on sale, after Vogue they are my favorite. Hobby Lobby had them on sale for $1.99 and don't you know that out of the 7 that I bought 4 are for jackets--what is my problem. I guess there isn't anything wrong with loving jackets, Suze Orman does so I'm not going to feel bad about it anymore lol. And if you don't know who Suze Orman is check out some of her books or watch her tv show, it's good to know how to handle money.

I got McCalls 5712, 5718, 5526m 5527, 5670, 5393 and 5817. Like a lot of post I've seen this
past week, I'm tired of winter and want to start sewing for spring but I won't sew for spring until I can wear the clothes but I can be ready to sew.

And I felt guilty for not making my DD some pj's, she only wanted the bottoms but the fabric had a flaw so I didn't have enough, while at Hobby Lobby I found these two pieces and my GS wanted some too, so I think I will make them some this weekend. It wasn't .64/yd but $2.00/yd is still a good deal. I got enough of the orange/white to make me another pair, I really like the ones I made.

I have had the hardest time finding calendars for 09, everywhere I went they didn't have any but I was really blessed because I stopped in Brerean Christian store and they had all their calendars and planners marked down to 90% off. I saw this one and knew my GS would get a kick out of it. I got this corkboard at a yard sale years ago and had the bright "parenting" idea to create a "Weekly Wonders" board. Every time the kids got a good grade on a paper or some award at school I would make a big deal about putting it on the weekly wonders board. The kids really got into it and now my GS does the same so of course his artwork is displayed on the "Weekly Wonders" board.

Under the Weekly Wonders it says, and other things worth mentioning.

Here's a parting shot of my grey turtleneck, I really like this simple little top, since I doubled the fabric on the entire top it's quite warm. I think I will get a lot of wear out of this.

Almost there, it's almost the weekend. Have a happy Friday and a great weekend.


Faye Lewis said...

Great pattern choices and nice turtle neck.

Adrienne said...

very nice! I am addicted to patterns as well lol.

Omega said...

Nice selection of pattern, I actually have one of them. That was a great price so I don't blame you.

Sheila said...

Great line-up of patterns, I have M5718 and like you love jackets, now if only I could sew a lil faster and have less fitting issues.

KimT said...

I like the turtleneck. Great work.

Lesalicious said...

I see we do have alot of the same patterns, crazy how minds thinks a lot lol. Loving that turtleneck so cute. Not a turtleneck fan but, love how it looks on other women. Great job on that. Oh by the way I started cutting out that pattern to that caplet but, yet to start sewing it probably will try to see it sometime Monday or Tuesday taking a little sewing brake. :) Wish me luck. :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I just love a good pattern sale! GREAT idea to double the fabric on that turtleneck, with over a month of -0 temperatures... I could use a double t-neck and never thought of that idea! Thanks.
Cheers! Evelyn

Aminat said...

Your turtleneck is so pretty on you. Great pattern selection as well at a very good price too

Aminat said...
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