Sunday, February 8, 2009

Look What I've Started

Isn't he cute! Everything you go through getting your kids grown is so worth it when you get Grandkids. I only have the one so of course he's spoiled rotten and when he said, "Grandma, I really, really want some of those pj's." You know I had to get busy, he waited up last night until I finished so he could wear them. They're a little big but will shrink when they're washed and he's growing like a weed so I'm sure he will fill them out in no time. I don't know what the deal is with the color, his are the orange/white polka dot. I was going to make him the black/white polka dot but he wanted the orange and it matches his red hair lol.

My DD will get the black/white and I'm making me another pair to match my GS. So much for that jacket that I've been wanting to cut out, it might miss this season and be made in the fall. The weather is warming up so I might make a few transition outfits.

I probably won't get to sew today but I've been cooking a good old fashioned Sunday dinner that would make my Grandmother proud. She had 11 children and would cook Sunday dinner for all of them and their kids, and their kids, every Sunday. How she fed so many people on a cooks salary baffles me. On the menu today is Roasted Turkey Breast, garlic mashed potatoes w/gravy, and brocolli with cheese sauce. For dessert I finally made a key lime pie, can't wait to cut it. Just so you know, all diet bets are off on Sunday that is my one day to eat whatever I want. I hope everyone has/had a great weekend.


Julia said...

There's nothing like grand children. Yours is adorable!! I love the orange and white polka dotted pjs. Our youngest visited this weekend from Massachusetts about 1000 miles away. He's just 8 mos. old.

Faye Lewis said...

Nice PJ's and nice Grandmother.

Omega said...

Very cute, both PJ's & grandson!

Sheila said...

Your GS looks so adorable in his pjs. I wish you could mail me some of your garlic mash