Monday, March 30, 2009

Ask and You Shall Receive

After the exhausting gray jacket—McCalls 6977. I needed instant gratification and Simplicity 3536 fit the bill. I made this pattern last summer view D after seeing it on Gold’s blog—back when I was still lurking and had not begun my own blog, I even used the same fabric. I think this is the last of my .50 Wal-Mart fabric. It’s the same type as the gray turtleneck and I was concerned that it would be see through but the cowl neck facing on the pattern provides coverage where you most need it and this will be a spring top.

It was so freaking easy, I think it took all of two hours, I cut it out yesterday and would have finished it but I had to stop sewing so I finished it tonight in about 1 hour—that’s what I’m talking about.

I also mentioned I wanted to make a few knit tops for Spring but couldn't find any cute knit prints at JoAnns. Well today after work I headed over to Hancock because they had McCall’s patterns for 1.99 and I wanted to pick up 5557, after seeing it on Adrienne’s blog. I was pleasantly surprised to find knit’s on sale for 2.99/yd and as you can see I stocked up and should be able to crank out quite a few knit tops. In addition to 5557 I also picked up these two.

I purchased this fabric last summer and was going to use a different pattern but when I saw Adrienne’s I switched.

I usually don't wear dresses, remember my cankles, in case you don't know what cankles, thanks to my Dad's genes I don't have ankles but sometimes I get over it and wear a dress every now and then especially in the summer, this is another one I saw on Gold’s blog last year.

This fabric will present a challenge with the border but I really like the fabric and I'm considering these two patterns. With either one I could use the border at the top or the bottom, we'll see....

This funky knit and this funky pattern, should make one funky top. I'm leaning toward the black/white strip view.

Notice all the patterns are fast and easy. That jacket left me fried, I need quick and easy for awhile but there's nothing wrong with that, challenge yourself and then give yourself a break. I don't know about you but that's one of the main reasons I sew, self expression.

This weekend promises to be filled with quick and easy sewing, I can't wait and it's only Monday.
Before I forget again, I used a size F crochet hook for the scrubby. I knew I would forget something and that’s kind of important.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Its Done, Hallelujah

It really is the most important meal of the day. Cheese omelet, sausage, hash browns, grits, homemade biscuits with apple butter, damn. Of course coffee and juice.

Here's the pattern (?) for the scrubby. As I've said this is my first attempt at writing a pattern so if you find mistakes I would appreciate if you would let me know so that I can make corrections.

First Row:

Join the yarn to the scrubby with a slip stitch, leave about a 3 inch tail that will be used to tie off, single crochet around scrubby, joining stitches to scrubby by inserting hook through several layers of the scrubby, join with slip stitch.

Second Row:

single crochet (still joining to scrubby), increase (2 sc) every other stitch. Note: this is the hardest part, joining it to the scrubby and trying to get the hook through the scrubby.

Third Row:

Double crochet, increase every third stitch (2 dc) do not join to scrubby, join with slip stitch, chain 3.

Fourth Row:

Double crochet, increase every fourth stitch (2dc), do not join to scrubby, join with slip stitch, chain 3.

Fifth Row:

Double crochet, increase every fifth stitch (2dc), do not join to scrubby, join with slip stitch.

Sixth Row:

Join to scrubby with a slip stitch, pulling crochet cover snug on scubby, join last stitch with a slip stitch.


chain one, in the reverse direction, sc 5 times, turn, repeat until you have 29/30 rows, attach to the other side of scrubby with slip stitch.

Weave a piece of elastic, 1/4 inch or cord elastic through the middle of the handle, secure at each end by sewing elastic to each end of handle. Using a needle thread the 3 inch tail and insert it through the scrubby, pull tight and tie a knot, it should pull back into the scrubby so that the tail is not longer visible.

And just to show you how well it works, look at my microwave, I should have taken a before pic but it would have grossed you out, remember I have kids and no matter how many times I tell them to use a paper towel when they use the microwave, well you know they don't. I did use the tip of heating a bowl of water for about 6 minutes, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then used the scrubby to clean it. My microwave has to be older than my son, he's 17.

Here's the finished jacket, Hallelujah! I'm very happy with it, I'm going to put it in the cleaners for a good press and to get rid of all the markings I made for the welt pockets. I said I used a piece of felt, I meant to say batting, I used quilting batting in the should shaping and hand sewed it using stitch in the ditch to the lining. I was home alone so I tried to do what Faye does so successfully, take a picture in the mirror, mine didn't come out so hot but I promise more pictures once I get it out the cleaners and actually wear it somewhere. Just to recap, I used McCalls 6977, and this was my first successful attempt at welt pockets. I have tried this before with terrible results but I'm very happy with this jacket. I'm just so disappointed that I didn't have enough of the fabric to make the pants but this jacket will look nice with a pair of black pants, of which I have about 10 pairs. The fabric is some type of polyester I found at Wal-Mart for 1.50/yd and I also got the lining at Wal-Mart in Atanta, TX for $1.50/yd. I hope to go see my Father next month and I will make a bee-line to the Wal-Mart in hopes that they still have some of this fabric but really I'm just going to visit my Father, wink, wink.

I wanted to crank out some quick knit tops for Spring but I'm having a very difficult time finding any cute knit fabric at JoAnns or Hancock, I might actually place my first on-line fabric order.
I hope everyone had a great weekend, happy crafting/sewing/knitting or whatever makes you smile.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Crafty is as crafty does

Look what I made! I've been trying to work on my "just a little something" Christmas gifts, you know those gifts that you need for the teacher, co-worker, etc, etc.

It's a dishcloth and a scrubby with a crocheted handle and cover so that the rough scrubby isn't against your skin, I hate that and I know I can't be the only one. I hate using S.O.S pads for the same reason. I know I should wear gloves when washing dishes, oh yeah I'm still washing dishes no dishwasher. I don't mind half as much as my kids do but I think this is a great idea, my kids didn't share my enthusiasm. I knit the dishcloth, go Tanya, go Tanya.

I don't know if it would be a good gift, I'm probably the only one in 2009 that doesn't have a dishwasher. I also like the idea of being able to hang it up to air dry instead of letting it fester in the holder. I have issues lol.

If anyone is interested I will post the pattern, although I've never done a pattern I will try. All you need is a scrubby and I used cotton yarn for the cover and a little elastic for the handle. As you can see the scrubbies are sold in packs of 3/$1.00, very thrifty.

I added the lining to my jacket, did the shoulder shaping--sleeve heads, should pads and a piece of fleece that I saw on someones blog it may have been on Erica B’s but it really helps the jacket lay well and you don't see the outline of the should pad, great tip, thanks bloggers. I have some hand sewing to do, hem it and do the buttons/buttonholds and it will be done.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Don't be Scared but be Careful

This jacket is coming along very well and I'm am learning to be patient, something I definitely need to work on. I finished the collar and sleeves and I'm very happy with both, I only had to rip the collar/facing out once, yipee! All I have to do is add the lining and the finishing touches, shoulder pads, buttons/buttonholes. I should be able to wrap this puppy up next weekend and next on the agenda will be some easy Springtime sewing.

Here's the birthday boy, I can't believe he's 6 years old, seems like only yesterday he was small enough to fit in the cupboard and play with the pans. Time really does fly, Grandma's baby.

A picture of me and IttyBitty awake, now you see why I call her IttyBitty she's so short.

I hope everybody had a great weekend, not much cooking. I did bake LJ a cake, his Mommy got him a SpongeBob cake, Grandma can't do SpongeBob but I bet mine taste better lol.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welt Pocket Success

You really can't tell by this picture but the welt pockets came out very nice. I don't know how much more I will get done, this jacket is taking forever but I haven't had that much sewing time lately and I won't get to sew tomorrow because it's my GS's birthday and he figured out that I usually show up with the big Grandma gift and make my exit so this year he told me that I couldn't leave until it was over, at least it's not at Chuck E Cheese.

This is IttyBitty--I named her that when she lived with us, you know how some kids will bring home stray animals, my DD has bought home more than one stray friend and they ended up living with me for over a year in both cases and now they're like my own DD's. IttyBitty ended up living with us her senior year through circumstances beyond her control. I'm very proud of her, she persevered and not only got her BA but went on to get a Master's degree, of course whenever she's in town she has to come "home" and you can see she's quite at home.

A St. Patrick's day pic, we dressed up at work.

Some people have no shame lol.

On to the notched collar, wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet the Skinny Bitches and a do over

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here are the skinny bitches and the rest of my arsenal that helps me fight the battle of the bulge. I am lucky enough to live about 15 minutes away for the Gaiam Outlet Store at their last warehouse sale I got the Firm box with 3 dvd’s and Billy Banks Bootcamp Elite which also came with 3 dvds, they were $12.00/ea. I prefer to jog outdoors but during the winter I have to resort to my dvds to combat my Sunday dinners. I have an extra copy of The Firm Express Cardio, free to a good home. If you’re interested send me an email with your address and I will send it. The dvd’s cost $1.00 at the warehouse sale so I tend to stock up so I don’t get bored. It’s a love/hate relationship.

I found a tutorial on welt pockets so I ripped everything out and I’m starting over but I won’t get to work on it until the weekend. Wish me luck and if green beer's your thing enjoy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Smells Like Sunday

I LOVE food, I mean really, really love it and Sunday's my excuse to indulge that love. All my friends say I can't be from Compton, CA because of all the things I do, sew, crochet, cook, bake and now knit but as with most African Americans my roots go deep in the South. Today's menu, Pork roast w/gravy, potatoes and carrots, black eye peas, collard greens, fried corn and of course corn bread. For dessert I made another key lime pie, yummy. Yeah, I'll be hanging out with the skinny bitches a lot next week, that's what I affectingly call my dvd's Firm instructors, they don't know so they're not offended.

This is where I am on the gray jacket--the welt pocket, I'm paralyzed by fear but will press on, wish me luck. It's been a busy weekend (all that cooking lol) I haven't done much sewing.

Saturday morning I went to the needlecraft's group at my local library, these women are full of wonderful advice and ideas. I really enjoyed myself and look forward to next month's meeting. I even scored some free fabric from one of the ladies that attends, thanks again.

While at the library I picked this up, I have loved Diahann Carroll since her tv show Julia and she has a special place in my heart as with any movie I saw at the Compton drive-in with my Mom, I saw Claudine and I still love that movie, along with all the other 70's movies my Mom didn't censor us at all. I don't know why I set myself up to think that these people are any thing but self absorbed assholes but I'm always so disappointed to see it in print. I would have preferred to keep my illusions that while being a famous actress/performer she was also a good Mother, not so. I guess I should give her credit and I do for breaking several barriers and achieving all that she did but I still feel sorry for her daughter and feel that she lost sight of what's most important. I know, easy for me to say, she choose a career over being a Mother and I think the trade off can't be worth it.

Nothing says Summer like watermelon, I know I'm rushing it but this one was really good, it's one of the small ones. I like those because you don't end up throwing half of it out.

My cute little neighbor, my DD refuses to let me take down the Obama sign, Gwen took it down when she came over and my DD put it back.

On Saturday I took my Grandson and Gwen's grandson to the skating rink. My GS is my last hope, neither of my kids can skate half as good as I can, and it's not because I didn't try, I put both of them in skates as soon as they could walk it just didn't take. He was doing okay at the end of the session. I'll have to take him more often, as you can see they spent more time playing skeet ball than they did skating but he enjoyed doing the hokey-pokey and the chicken dance.

When do they learn this, the mean mugging pose lol.

Oh well, that's about it for me. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally a decent sports bra

I'm happy to say I finally have a decent sports bra. The pattern called for 3/8 elastic which I did on the first one and it was too much so I used 1/4 inch on this one and used 2 inch elastic in the band so that it would fit snug. I'll make several more of these but you'll never see a picture, that would be far worse than seeing me in my pj's lol. Now I can move on to some serious sewing this weekend. I guess I'll face my fears and tackle the gray jacket.

I've had this fabric forever, at least 12-14 years and I think I've had the shorts that long, you can see how faded they are, and even thought the flowered monstrosities are very horrible they're kinda like the not-so-cute guy you use to date because he never let you down, the waistband doesn't roll and the legs stay put while exercising so they're keepers but never to be seen in public, again kinda like the not-so-cute guy, good for a movie but never a social event.

I'm almost finished with my first knit sweater, I have to finish the back and sleeves so hopefully it will be done soon, so far so good.

It's good to celebrate the little things in life, that way you're ready for the really big stuff.

I'm happy to say that my allergies seem to be under control so I am hoping for a nice stress free weekend full of sewing.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just a little sewing

Some Sewing is better than no sewing

Spring has sprung, at least my allergies think so, they have had me out of commission all weekend. I did manage to finish cutting and marking the jacket. The only sewing I managed to do was one sports bra and shorts. I’m not happy with the bra but I cut out two so the second one should be better. The band isn’t snug and it should be but I’ve sergered and top stitched so I’m not taking it out. I may just cut it off and do it over, we’ll see. This is another reason not to sew when you’re under the influence of Benadryl. I’ve taken another dose so I probably have 1 hour before I’m comatose.

I won't get lost in this flowered monstrosity, actually this will only be worn when I work out at home in the privacy of my basement.

I had to thank Julia for giving me the Sisterhood Award.

1. Put the logo on your blog or post
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and /or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received your award.

Lovely – That’s so Live--a new Mom with the most precious little girl
Lesa – Lesalicious Style and Life—she just completed an amazing 4-day sewing marathon
Sheila – Sheilaz Crochetz, Threadz & Knitz
Susan – Knitters Delight
Gold – she’s baaaaaack! Missed you glad you’re back
Nashe – a new find, you’re supposed to nominate 10, so I’ve been on the hunt for new blogs and this is a winner.
SewUpTight – Another new one, I think

You’re supposed to nominate 10 but I’m not going to make it tonight, the Benadryl is starting to kick in, I’ll have to finish later when my medicine head is better.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sugar and Spice

And everything nice, that's what little girls are made of. Isn't she cute! This is my neighbor's daughter, who I made the Christmas footie pj's for, she's 2 and was still wearing her Xmas pj's so I saw this fabric and thought I would make her some Spring pj's.

Here's a close up of the fabric, it says "My Little Ladybug" that's saccharin sweet lol.

I needed quick satisfaction to get back into the swing of things. I wasn't up for the challenge of the McCalls jacket. I also cut out some workout gear, because I'm not paying 14.00 for a sports bra--Wal-Mart, when they use only about 1/4 yd fabric. Those shouldn't take long.

That's about it for me, going to try to get some things done this week so stay tuned.