Sunday, March 29, 2009

Its Done, Hallelujah

It really is the most important meal of the day. Cheese omelet, sausage, hash browns, grits, homemade biscuits with apple butter, damn. Of course coffee and juice.

Here's the pattern (?) for the scrubby. As I've said this is my first attempt at writing a pattern so if you find mistakes I would appreciate if you would let me know so that I can make corrections.

First Row:

Join the yarn to the scrubby with a slip stitch, leave about a 3 inch tail that will be used to tie off, single crochet around scrubby, joining stitches to scrubby by inserting hook through several layers of the scrubby, join with slip stitch.

Second Row:

single crochet (still joining to scrubby), increase (2 sc) every other stitch. Note: this is the hardest part, joining it to the scrubby and trying to get the hook through the scrubby.

Third Row:

Double crochet, increase every third stitch (2 dc) do not join to scrubby, join with slip stitch, chain 3.

Fourth Row:

Double crochet, increase every fourth stitch (2dc), do not join to scrubby, join with slip stitch, chain 3.

Fifth Row:

Double crochet, increase every fifth stitch (2dc), do not join to scrubby, join with slip stitch.

Sixth Row:

Join to scrubby with a slip stitch, pulling crochet cover snug on scubby, join last stitch with a slip stitch.


chain one, in the reverse direction, sc 5 times, turn, repeat until you have 29/30 rows, attach to the other side of scrubby with slip stitch.

Weave a piece of elastic, 1/4 inch or cord elastic through the middle of the handle, secure at each end by sewing elastic to each end of handle. Using a needle thread the 3 inch tail and insert it through the scrubby, pull tight and tie a knot, it should pull back into the scrubby so that the tail is not longer visible.

And just to show you how well it works, look at my microwave, I should have taken a before pic but it would have grossed you out, remember I have kids and no matter how many times I tell them to use a paper towel when they use the microwave, well you know they don't. I did use the tip of heating a bowl of water for about 6 minutes, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then used the scrubby to clean it. My microwave has to be older than my son, he's 17.

Here's the finished jacket, Hallelujah! I'm very happy with it, I'm going to put it in the cleaners for a good press and to get rid of all the markings I made for the welt pockets. I said I used a piece of felt, I meant to say batting, I used quilting batting in the should shaping and hand sewed it using stitch in the ditch to the lining. I was home alone so I tried to do what Faye does so successfully, take a picture in the mirror, mine didn't come out so hot but I promise more pictures once I get it out the cleaners and actually wear it somewhere. Just to recap, I used McCalls 6977, and this was my first successful attempt at welt pockets. I have tried this before with terrible results but I'm very happy with this jacket. I'm just so disappointed that I didn't have enough of the fabric to make the pants but this jacket will look nice with a pair of black pants, of which I have about 10 pairs. The fabric is some type of polyester I found at Wal-Mart for 1.50/yd and I also got the lining at Wal-Mart in Atanta, TX for $1.50/yd. I hope to go see my Father next month and I will make a bee-line to the Wal-Mart in hopes that they still have some of this fabric but really I'm just going to visit my Father, wink, wink.

I wanted to crank out some quick knit tops for Spring but I'm having a very difficult time finding any cute knit fabric at JoAnns or Hancock, I might actually place my first on-line fabric order.
I hope everyone had a great weekend, happy crafting/sewing/knitting or whatever makes you smile.


Adrienne said...

Ordering fabric online is ADDICTIVE!! My fav site for knits is LOVE her stuff!

Julia said...

The jacket looks wonderful!! Thanks for the scrubby instructions. I'm not very good at reading crochet directions but I think I understand them. Good job! The breakfast looks scrumptious!!

Carol said...

Thank you for the pattern, I'm going to make one today. You've done a lovely job with your jacket. I have a jacket I need to finish and you've inspired me!

Faye Lewis said...

That breakfast, wow! Can I come stay at your house (lol). Your jacket is beautiful and quite tailored looking. The pockets are divine, after doing 4 practice runs on mine (two good, two not so good)I took the plunge and put them on my jacket. Not perfect, but not so bad either. I know I'll be doing more them because they add such a nice couture look.

Sheila said...

When you tell Ms. Faye about the breakfast meet-up, don't forget about

Kudos on finishing the jacket and it looks great. Now I have 2 people to call on when I do welt pockets.

Thanks for crochet pattern.

Faye Lewis said...

Oh, I wish you had sewing buddies too. Mine call to check on me at least once a week - they are like family. Hopefully you will bump into one soon! Thanks for the comment on the pockets, I'm so happy I gave them a try.

Susan said...

I'm a fan of, too. has some good deals, too.