Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Everythings Big in Texas

Including my Father. As promised, his fleece robe and another pair of pj’s. It’s not easy finding patterns in size XXXL. The pattern I have (McCalls 8524) only had a pull-over shirt and my Daddy is getting up there and I didn’t think a pull-over was the best way to go so I modified the pattern to make the shirt a button up.

I’m very happy with the plaid matching. A friend told me the way to make sure your plaids line up is to cut each pattern piece individually, that’s just way to much work. I just try to make sure they are lined up before cutting the pattern piece and in most cases I can get away with lining them up when sewing.

Everything else was pretty basic. I’ve made both the robe and pj bottoms before but I swear I felt like I was wrestling a bear while making the robe and the fleece picks up every little piece of lint or thread. He says he’s always cold so the bear should do the job.

The last time I made my Father pj’s I put this little JoAnn Fabric's tag in there, you should have heard how he went on about “his tag” so of course I had to include them again. I still have to make my Step-Mother's robe tomorrow, it shouldn't be a problem and I have a different tag to put in her's because my Father would have a fit if I put his "Made With Love" tags in anything that wasn't for him.

Aren't they pretty. I'm taking these with me to Texas to give to whoever. I think my Step-Mother will like these, she likes simple everyday things that you actually use.

Well that's probably going to be it for me until I get back, you guys hold down the sewing front.


Julia said...

Good job on the pjs and the robe. It wounds like your dad is really proud of you!

Faye Lewis said...

The pjs and the bear look very professional. Have a great time!