Friday, April 10, 2009

Past Easter’s – Feeling Nostalgic

I miss my babies, so I hope you won’t mind if I indulge myself with a few memories.

I know everyone thinks their baby is the cutest but you have to admit my little butterball was adorable. This was her first Easter and no I didn’t make that dress.

Here are a few more Easter’s, I made both of these dresses and my nieces (in the peach), the bottom one was my first attempt at an Easter dress, as you will see with every dress I got more elaborate. This was also the Easter she wasn't allowed stuffed animals due to her asthma, I searched all over for a plastic blow up bunny.

This was the “Orange” Easter, you see why I loved Aretha Franklin’s inauguration hat.

This dress gave me a fit but the final result was well worth it, she looked beautiful, and I went a little crazy with the tapestry. If you look closely you can see I'm wearing the same shoes, times were tough.

These aren’t from Easter they were actually Christmas outfits but the pictures are so cute. I think this is the only outfit I made my son, his little knickers are black velvet and his tie matched the bottom of his sister’s dress, her dress was black velvet with a taffeta bottom. It's not pictured but I loved this gold lame number, no wonder she's so over the top now. I used to call my son, my little four-corner head baby, you have to admit his head is really square but he's so cute.

As promised here are some pictures of me wearing the gray jacket. I LOVE this jacket, after 8 hours of wear no wrinkles.

I had to switch gears with my sewing projects since I promised my Father and Step-Mother robes when I visited in NOVEMBER I want to take them with me when I visit next week. I have a robe and pj’s cut out for my Father and a robe for my Step-Mother maybe some unselfish sewing will have the sewing gods smiling upon me again.

I hope everyone has a great Easter, make lots of memories that will last a lifetime.


Julia said...

Awwwwww how cute they were!! You made me want to go back and look at my girls' old Easter pictures!! Your jacket is perfect!

Faye Lewis said...

Happy Easter to you and yours. You look great in that jacket!

Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing and like Julia you make me want to pull out old Easter pics.

You had your sewing game on back then too... awesome.

You are macking that jacket... great job.

Happy Easter!

Faye Lewis said...

Hey Tanya, the book Cool Couture really is a good book. Thanks for looking in, you know I appreciate it!