Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some Fun and some bad Karma (Long rant and pic/video heavy)

No sewing going on and I think I’m just going to throw in the towel and call this weekend a bust.

But last night was great. Gwen invited me to a party for a friend of hers who has a live band. You'll see we had a great time.

Gwen can't hear but that doesn't mean she can't dance, we had a ball doing the line dances but the Cupid shuffle threw her for a loop, the steps were too much but she'll get it.

Gwen and Melody, I didn't get any pictures of Ryne, Gwen's daughter but this really creepy guy kept coming around taking her picture, telling her to pose like a movie star, he was a bit weird, we'll have to keep an eye out to see if those pictures show up on the web.

The band leader was a great showman, it took the cake when he changed his clothes and came out in this shiny James Brown cape, I'm sure he threw it off like Jame Brown would have but we left before that happened.

He started out in this, white top hat and tails and he was doing some type of dance, I couldn't tell you what it was but it was fun to watch.

I was blown away by all the kids hanging out in a bar this late on a Saturday night—where were their parents—probably at the bar too I guess.

The band was great and the band leader a real showman but this little unknown guy stole the show.

I went through great pains to get this video on my blog, I don’t even know this child’s name but he could dance and I really enjoyed watching him and I hope you do too. He was dancing to “Shot Gun” which I’m sure he could not have heard before last night, you can’t tell by this dance routine, you would think it was rehearsed. The band leader said he was going to put him on the payroll and I think he should.

The bad karma began last night after I got home and continued throughout today. When I got home I noticed that the pantry door was left open, which my kids do often and it pisses me off so I closed the door and then realized I couldn’t open it (arrrgh) I quit messing with it and went to bed, it was very late.

This morning/afternoon without the benefit of my Sunday breakfast I went to pick up a file cabinet I bought off Craig’s list. Well I must have clicked the wrong picture or something because I thought it was a full sized office file cabinet but it was a small cabinet with only one file drawer. I got it anyway because I drove all the way out there but I’m really getting mad now, I missed my Sunday breakfast for this. On the way home I stop at Wal-Mart to get a new door knob. I get home and start to do battle with the pantry door. I had to take the door off at the hinges in order to get the old door knob off, I removed it and started to install the new knob. Here’s a little tip for drilling holes, mark the holes with fingernail polish and then drill, although this tip did not help me I had to re-drill about 3 times.

Lord have mercy!!!! It took me forever to get it on but I did and I’m very proud of myself.

With all this bad karma going around I don't dare try to sew anything. I think I'll patiently rip out my mistake, knit a dishcloth and bake a really decadent dessert, because this day will have a sweet ending even if I have to bake it myself.


Julia said...

Wow, he sure can dance. It looks like you had fun last night. Too bad about the pantry door knob. We have stuff getting torn up around here all the time. It's very aggravation. I understand you not wanting to sew after all of that though. I'd be pretty upset if I thought I was getting a great file cabinet and it was only one drawer!! I've made lots of silly mistakes over the past few days with my sewing so I feel your pain.

Faye Lewis said...

Glad all of that is over and you came out good regardless. Glad you had a good time at the party and thanks for your comment on my blog.

De-Stressing with Cooking, Crafting and Gardening! said...

We all have these experiences. Lord knows that I have had more than my share. Take a deep breath and exhale. A new week in upon us and you can start fresh

Sheila said...

You ladies were definitely having a ball. I'm going to start calling you Barbara the Builder, you did great job with the door knob.