Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gold, I'm glad you're back

Because I needed your inspiration. Remember this fabric , I wanted a top that would feature the border and when I saw Gold's version I knew I had it but hindsight is 20/20 and I wish I would have reversed the border and had the black part at the top.

I'm still happy with it, when I first looked at this view it looked like a maternity top and Lord knows that's not a look I want but when I saw it on Gold it was so cute I copied her and like her I really like the elastic at the shoulders. It's a cute top don't let the maternity look scare you.

And here's the dress inspired by her with the completed shrug. Whew, those are some made some baby hips lol.

I always say you never want the first of anything I make, this is the second shrug and it came out a lot better. The only change I made was adding 10 stitches when casting on and I think I knitted more rows that the pattern called for I just kept measuring as I went along until it was long enough.

And this is what's up next.

My cousin was going to buy this when we went shopping in Texas but was generous enough to let me have it so I have to do it justice. She was going to use it for a lining and that's what I'm going to do using McCalls 5817, of course I'm making the pants not the skirt. The khaki is from my Wal-Mart stash--when they discontinued their fabric dept. at my local Wal-Mart, it was .98/yd.

Well that's it for my mid-week post, hopefully there will be some sewing done this weekend.


Faye Lewis said...

Thank you for your comments about my recent work. Everything I made went together pretty easy, you know I'm still sort of intimidated by Burda - but I'm going to keep trying. Love your new top and your shrug - so cute!

Julia said...

I love the top and the dress and shrug. I think I like it better with he black at the bottom of the bodice rather than the top.

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

That top is really cute, not maternity at all. I cannot believe the joy I am experiencing buying fabric at two Walmarts in my area. As a result I've got more than enough fabric in my stash for a while!

Jada said...

Wow I like what you did with that top!!I thought the same thing maternity top but after making it didn't look maternity after all! Great job!
You have to love Walmart fabric and price you can't beat it!LOL


Ah, I love the all your outfits but it is great how you knitted the shrug & how it looks nice with the dress.
Kudos to ya!

Andrea said...

You did a great job with the top, dress and shrug. I love them all. I agree with you too. I'm so glad Gold is back.