Monday, May 25, 2009

I am not the sh*t

I didn't get to finish my canopy and cushion for the patio swing, that project will take some time but it was still a really great weekend. Saturday night I went to a dance with friends from my second job.

We work hard and play hard, it was a good time. I just have to ask when did they come up with so many line dances, those old women were on the floor all night, half of them I've never seen. And of course there was a whole lot of GTFOH to quote Andrienne this lady had a light up had on, I took video but it doesn't really show up that well.

There was a lot of really good food for Memorial Day, my friend Gwen who is the reigning rib queen, fixed ribs, chicken, and fried corn, I fixed some ribs, chicken, burgers, pasta salad, baked beans and this.....

I think Adrienne's MaPhine would be proud, I made the cream cheese pound cake and it was so good. I forgot to take a picture before they cut it.

This didn't even get cut, it's a strawberry cheese cake, which is one of my favorite summer desserts and the people I work with wish Monday wasn't a holiday because I would have taken it to work but I will freeze some of it so I don't eat the entire thing.

Since I didn't have my Sunday breakfast I just made it a Memorial Day breakfast and it was so damn good.

The blouse still isn't done, I'm almost done with the sleeves I really hope to be done with it before next weekend so I can move on to something else. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend I know I did.
Next week will be exciting and busy, my son's graduation is Wednesday, I can't believe my baby is graduating, time really does fly.



OMG! I think I am going to follow Adrienne's blog just for her recipes. I took a peek at her blog - her sewing is wonderful.
Also want to be praying for her & her family.

Mz. Choize said...

I know yall got down,that food looks delicious!

Lesalicious said...

Looks like you had a great weekend with all that great food. :) Looks oh so good.