Friday, May 22, 2009

Things Change and I think I've been hacked

This is still not finished. All I have to do is put the sleeves/cuffs in, buttons and hem it, so why isn't it finished......

This is why, I got side tracked on a project I've been wanting to do since the weather warmed up and with it being the holiday weekend, I'm going to have some friends over so now it's crunch time. Why do I always do that.

What is it? It's a surprise and if it comes out the way I'm envisioning it I will be the sh*t!
Okay, I'll tell you, like my friends say I'm like an old refrigerator I can't keep nothing. I'm making a new canopy, cushion and pillows for my porch swing. So far so good on the pillow, I only have one almost finished, just have to put the ends on it. They're going to be oblong arm pillows. I have to have it finished before Sunday, wish me luck.

I'm using more gifted fabric from Sis. Julia which means I've had it for at least 10 years, do I need to say it again, never throw fabric out, you will use it one day.

How about a little T-Ball, they made up Saturday's rained out game at Tuesday's practice. LJ at bat.

How cute is he, he's 3 years old, the T is as low as it will go and it's still almost taller than he is.

I'll have to get a picture of his little sister, she's 2 and swings that bat like nobody's business, everybody gets out of the way when she has it.

Oh well, back to my last minute project. And I was hoping to use my 3-day's for fun summer clothes sewing. Oh well, I hope everybody has a great holiday weekend.
I almost forgot about the hacking, I went to leave a comment on Sheila's blog and was told that I was already logged in as SuperJerry33, don't know any SuperJerry and I have no idea why he would put forth the effort to hack into my blog. I know my pictures are cute but come on, get a life Jerry better yet get a job that will pay you for all that useless computer knowledge.


Julia said...

Your sis has a beautiful name! Lol

Sheila said...

Remind your sister not to forget about her other

That is so weird about the hack issue and hope it didn't cause your site further problems.