Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tru-Fit Pattern Design Seminar Review

Of course I was running late for this mornings Tru-Fit Pattern design class and when I got there and received my handouts and realized these were my "patterns" I was like WTH but once the presenter started his presentation it all made beautiful sense.

I think the classes are priced so reasonably so you can spend your money on the tools needed to create the custom patterns.

I am not complaining I think everything was very reasonably priced. This is what I purchased just the rulers and pattern paper. But we were given an order sheet and I would like to order the two sewing attachments that were demonstrated. If you have the opportunity to attend one of these classes I HIGHLY recommend it. Carolyn had a post awhile ago where she said she had attended a 2 1/2 hour class years ago that forever changed the way she fit her patterns, I wonder if this is the same class because I know it has changed the way I will sew from now on, I wish I had gone 20 years ago. I'm going to try the make the pants pattern first, I'll let you know how it goes but I really think this was the best $7.00 I've ever spent. You can order the DVD and tools from the website I started watching the DVD, (it's the same guy but he's about 15 years younger) but didn't finish it, it looks like it's the seminar so you could just order the DVD and then decide what tools you want to purchase.

It was funny in the seminar the presenter asked when was the last time you had fun sewing and I answered last night because I stayed up late making this for my little protege. I wanted to make her, her own crochet bag to keep her hooks and projects.

This is the crochet hook case I made. The outside is more of that fake leather that I've had forever, I use to have leather furniture and I covered those cushions more times than I care to remember but I still have a lot of that fabric left. It's what I used to cover my sewing table. Initially I tried to use a snap for the closure but the fabric was too thick so I went with plan B and used velcro, and when closed the snap adds a little decoration.

Here's everything that I put in it, I made this hat and scarf last year and it's for a young girl, didn't give it away at Christmas so I'm going to give it to her, she was very concerned that she wouldn't have her's finished before Christmas. I just printed a copy of basic how to crochet instructions so she can practice at home and wouldn't you know the game was rained out so I will give it to her at Tuesday's practice.

I'm off to make my pants pattern, I might wait until tomorrow and just sew the blouses I have cut out, whatever I decide to do, you'll see it here soon after.
Almost forgot KnittingMachineQueen nominated me for the Attitude of Gratitude Award. Thank you so much, I will post the award and my nominations tomorrow, hopefully with some sewing pics.


Me! said...

I attended this class last year at the Princeton Pike Hancock. Later I purchased the patterner for $50 (used). The is a yahoo group devoted for this system's users. Tyna

Tanya said...

Thanks for the info, I will look for the group.

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Tanya would you believe a sewing friend picked up one of these for me at a garage sale recently for $5?

Lesalicious said...

I see you still on a roll with all your projects you keep up the good work. :)

Tanya said...

KMQ, have you used it? I didn't get to work on my pants pattern but I still want to try it out, especially since I didn't get mine for 5.00. And Me! I can't find the Yahoo group, can you point me in the right direction. Tks for all the info.

Omega said...

I got that a couple years ago and only made one item from it so far. The vest, which I don't even have any more, but I did enjoy making it. I would love to see how you like the system.

Also, I nominated you for the "Blogger Buddy" award, Enjoy!

Becky said...

My Mom & I have used this system since 2002 & LOVE it! We both have multiple fitting problems- mom has a slight shoulder hunch, a large abdomen that is shaped like she is 4 months pregnant at least, but she isn't. I have the tummy issue, but mine is larger, I am taller, have wide hips, narrow waist, large bust, but neither my mom or I can use the classic pattern set for larger women, because we don't have the thicker arms & shoulders those are for. We have to use the regular one, even though we barely have enough room on the tape measure! We have learned so many incredible fitting & sewing tips that are so incredibly valuable, I wouldn't trade it for a fortune! I actually used it to teach an entire hula dancing extended family how to design & make their own patterns so they can design & make their own costumes for their professional hula appearances. They were going to pay me to make it all, but I just didn't have the time, & they ended up thrilled to learn all of the tips & tricks for dealing with their different fitting issues! Yes, there is the Lutterloh at Yahoo's groups, which is the more active of the two currently, the less active is LutterlohPatterns also at yahoo groups. They both have photos & files to look through that can help you out with the Lutterloh system.
Becky in NC

Anonymous said...

Tru-Fit Pattern WARNING

I ordered the Pattern Fitting Class DVD from Tru-Fit Pattern's website. The money was withdrawn from my account the next business day; but after 2 weeks and no DVD, I emailed the company. My email was returned “undeliverable.” I called them many times; but no one answered, and there is no answering machine to leave a message. Please do not order from this company as they are stealing people's money and not sending the purchased items. When I reported them to the Better Business Bureau, I noticed that others had experienced the same fraudulant treatment.

Anonymous said...

Tru-Fit Patterns WARNING

Check it out your self. Here is the website to the Better Business Bureau reviews on Tru-Fit Patterns:

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience. I ordered the Pattern Fit DVD, they took my money and no DVD. I called and spoke to a man who sounded like he was taking his dying breath...he acted amazed and said he would get it right out. That was in August 2012, now March 2013 and no DVD. I called again and again, no answer. This company must have gone belly up.

Anonymous said...

I just got a flyer in my Hancock mailer from Tru-Fit. Here is the contact info: 800-726-0897, Tru-Fit, LLC, PO Box104, Edenton, NC 27932. Hope this helps you get your DVD.