Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gifted Fabric

Does this happen to you? People find out that you sew and they know someone who "use to sew" and suddenly you have something like this on your basement floor.

Trust me, I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I always graciously accept because gifted fabric has saved me on more than one occasion. For instance, when I lived in Ark, I didn't have enough money to buy fabric and I really, really needed a winter coat, someone gave me some brown corduroy which I took and made a wonderfully warm coat, I got so many compliments on that coat.
But honestly, what am I going to do with this pair of partially finished pants, I think this fabric would make a really cute summer top but I'm not going to try and take these pants apart, thankfully times aren't that tough lol. But kudos to Ms. Peggy for matching those plaids lol.

And when were these EVER in style.

This corduroy was gifted to me by someone from the knitting group and she warned me that it smelled like moth balls, and it did, it took two washings to get the smell out but I will keep this fabric cause you never know. The rest of it will be sorted through and I will donate what I don't think I'll ever use. Times like these remind me that I really need to work on keeping my stash to a minimum so I don't end up leaving a headache like this for my children when I'm too old to sew.

I wore my top today and I love it and so did a lot of other people.

These white capris were a pain, I had to tweak the fit because the pattern had front pleats and I didn't include them so the waistband didn't fit right, I used Mimi's trick and put elastic in the back of the waistband and that fixed the problem. Super comfortable and not too heavy, which I was concerned they might be since I lined them with the sports-weight twill.

Oh well, I just had to share my gifts, now on to other waiting projects.


Sheila said...

Its always fun to receive fabric and at the same time overwhelming, but you will make some great garments down the road. Looking good in your outfit.

Jada said...

I wished that would happen to me!LOL! When people find out I sew they want me to make them something for FREE!!!!!!!LOL

Your outfit is cute!

Adrienne said...

You look great in your outfit!

Michelle said...

That is too funny! Why did they leave the half-finished pants in there?? It's a nice thing to have, though...if you don't like the fabric for apparel, you can use it for muslins!

Julia said...

It's great when someone gifts you with fabric. I've had that happen several times. Now it's my turn to give my small scraps to a quilter. I have two very special friends who are quilters. I guess I need to split it in two sets.

Lesalicious said...

Dont you just love cool gifts. Loving the outfits nice work.