Saturday, June 6, 2009

I might have OCD

That's obsessive compulsive disorder for those of you who aren't familiar. Last night I stayed up way past my bedtime finishing this....

I posted about this months ago, my geeky side merged with my crafty side and I though it would be just awesome to have a database that would catalog all my patterns with specifics and notes, etc. You get the idea, I had the darnest time getting the pictures to upload and put this project on the back burner, last week I had my light bulb moment and figured out the problem, photographed, uploaded and cataloged all 248 patterns. I can put a filter on any field so if I only want to browse my patterns I can filter the type, if I only want to see a specific maker I can also filter and I added a query that will print the patterns by maker so the next time there's a sale I can take my list with me. That's just borderline crazy but I'm really happy with it and it makes finding patterns a breeze, so much so I found this long lost pattern and cut it out. I cut out view B, which is the version with the draped neckline. I asked Faye to be my Guinea pig but I still have to put the finishing touches on it and complete the instructions so non-geeks can use it. That shouldn't take long so we'll see what Faye has to say about it once it's done.

I'm debating whether I should add the embellishments to this top, I'm happy with the way it came out, I don't think it really needs anything else and aren't embellishments so last year?

A little knitting and crocheting, this has to be the tiniest shrug ever, I hope it fits, the shrug is knit and the hat is crocheted. If anybody has any tips on making pom-poms I'm not to proud to ask, this pitiful one gave me a fit and I know this should be simple. I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow so this is my homemade gift that was requested, I'll pick something up from their registry tomorrow. I wanted to make booties too but I'll have to do that after the shower.

I have 3 tops cut out and waiting, I got up this morning and realized I need more summer tops. I've only made 3 and I only like two of those so I really need to crank some out this weekend, or what's left of the weekend, wish me luck, send happy sewing vibes my way.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, there's been some awesome creativity going on in blog land, check out what Lesa did with her Craig's list furniture finds, I'm impressed and I really need to work on my canopy for my patio swing maybe next week.


Faye Lewis said...

Faye will be a very willing participant!!!!

Sheila said...

The baby set is adorable. Looking foward to the pattern applicaton, it sounds like an awesome application.

Brenda said...

Oh my! That pattern app sounds wonderful, can't wait to see the final result.