Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stash Busting Tops

I have to say like a lot of sewers I've never been a big fan of Simplicity patterns but I'm slowly coming around. Both tops are Simplicity 3790 and all the fabric is from my stash.

You should remember this fabric from the pretty in pink dress, which was also a Simplicity pattern. Super quick and super easy, didn't have any more of the wonderful knit tricot that I used to line the dress but luckily when you're my age you have appropriate under garments lol. I don't think my DD can spell slip or camisole. Is it just me or has the next generation done away with modesty, you see underwear everywhere or no underwear, I don't know which is worse, but I digress.

The dark green fabric is from my stash, I think I purchased it from JoAnn's this winter, it's a stretch knit and the insert is from the heart blouse, another Simplicity pattern, for someone who doesn't like them I seem to have an awful lot.

And I fixed my yellow sandals, just sewed a piece of elastic and it works great. Now I don't have to hunt for more yellow sandals in my size, and I'll never tell you my size.

Before I go I have to tell you what happened to me yesterday while leaving the grocery store, this little old toothless woman came up to me and said that God told her to pray for my legs LMAO! I'm not making this up, I told her I don't think it was God because he knows nothings wrong with my legs, she thought they were swollen, I said, "Nope, my Father's legs are like this
and so are all my sisters", me and my cankles but I'm still going to make a skirt this weekend. It was pretty funny, she just knew she heard from God.


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

You and your cankles!

Julia said...

No way! I really like the tops!

Sheila said...

Cute tops. Ummm what are cankles?

Tanya said...

Cankles are when your calf and ankle merge so there's no distinguishing between where your calf ends and your ankle begins, basically I don't have ankles and this only caused a problem the one time I tried to ice skate.

Jada said...

We will have to pray for her!LOL
All your tops are cute.

Faye Lewis said...

Very nice top additions. Isn't it so nice to have new clothes whenever you want them!!!!!! I love it! I agree with what you said...fabric vs Mary Kay any day! I think the Frankie and Johnnies are too cute, the movie stars wear them. But alas, I can have a pair when ever I want them. I found another pattern to use for the top next time, it's still a button down but with only has 3 pieces. I'm looking for easy can you tell? I'm head out on vacay tomorrow, but I'm going to work on the pattern data base as soon as I return!!!