Thursday, July 30, 2009

Carnivorous Canopy

Remember my bright idea to make a new canopy for my porch swing? OMG! What was I thinking, sure it was gifted fabric, it just wasn’t in the budget to buy a new one, the old one was so gross and really how hard could it be……..well it could be and was REALLY HARD.

After all the yard work that Gwen and I did, I just had to finish the canopy to bring it up snuff.

Here it is striped bare, as you can see it still has good bones and when I looked at the canopy that was on it didn’t look too complicated but anyone who knows me, knows I can take something simple and make it really complicated.

For starters I wanted to be able to take it off in inclement weather, which is why the original one got so gross, my solution—the greatest invention ever VELCRO. I used two long strips of Velcro for the closures; that way I can easily remove it in bad weather.

Here it is all ready for company. The cushion in the picture is the original one on the opposite side because the other side is really gross; hopefully I can get it covered before the end of summer. I made the arm pillows back in May. The front's a little wonky but I'm so okay with that.

Here is a side view, again a little wonky need to iron it and sew the corners together, they're just pinned in this picture.

I made the back a lot longer than the original, I like it that way.

I still have to move one of the pieces of elastic that I used instead of the fabric corner brackets, as you can see I made them but trying to get the placement right was a nightmare so I went with elastic instead and it worked great. I had to keep “fitting” the canopy to get the placement for the sides and closures correct that was a huge pain. It’s great to be able to take the canopy off but after doing it 5 or 6 times it stops being fun.

Was it worth it? Well yeah, as I often say I have always had more time/talent than money and I thank God that he saw fit to bless me with the ability to make something out of nothing or else my life would be really pitiful.


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

That canopy is coming along nicely. Once you get it all done you'll be wondering why you didn't do it sooner!

Julia said...

Great job! I thought I was the queen of making simple things complicated though. Take the little night gowns I'm making for Emory right now. Follow the pattern, simple as can be, but NO that's just not how I do things! My in-laws had a swing similar to that that my husband and his sisters took off to the dump this summer. The seat was fabric and had become stretched out and needed to be replaced. It was hard for them to get out of, especially since he just had knee replacement surgery. So, rather than let me fix it, or give it to someone else or sell it, or whatever, they just carted it off!!! Needless to say my FIL was not a happy man, and I wasn't either! I just hope someone saw it at the dump and made a good home for it.