Thursday, July 16, 2009

Matching Plaids and Christmas in July

Butterick 5331 is almost finished, I did view B with the cap sleeves from view D. Here is a picture of the seams and the plaid matched up great.

I still have to sew down the facing, hem it, do buttons/buttonholes, I'm going with covered buttons. I know it looks like it doesn't match in the front but it's just on the hanger a little wonky. I didn't have any more white bias tape so I used that funky orange.

I have been doing a little knitting. While on the phone with my oldest sister I mentioned that I had made a shrug, she requested one so here it is but unless I want to start a family war, I'm going to have to get 4 more made before Christmas, 2 for my other sister's and 2 for my nieces. I'm also crocheting her a matching slouchy hat and of course I have to weave in the ends.

Luckily I found more of this yarn on sale at Big Lots for 1.50/skein as you can see I stocked up and they gave a coupon for 20% off this Sunday so I'll probably go back and get more. At least I'm getting an early start on my Christmas gifts.

It's looking pretty good for Trisha's maxi dress to get done over the weekend, I've gotten all my selfish projects out of the way.


Julia said...

That top is unbelievable! You did a great job matching those plaids. Christmas? I'm just now starting to think about Halloween costumes.

Adrienne said...

You did a superb job matching the plaids!!!

Jada said...

Wow what a good job on matching those plaids.

ClaireOKC said...

This is most's hard to do this, and if you notice some ready-to-wear doesn't even do that good a job with it. This is often how you can tell something has been made by an expert. Of course only another expert would see it, which makes it all that much more fun!