Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow

Nothing happened the way I wanted it to this past weekend. After making the dress for my DD at the last minute she decides she’s going to wear something else ARRGH! This is why I don’t sew for people. My DD is banded, no sewing for her EVER again and the Gertrude type dress she choose over mine was hideous, I wasn’t the only person who thought so. But my GS looks cute as ever with his little clip on tie.

I made her try it on when we got home and then I gave it away to someone who would appreciate it.

Me, Kendall and LJ.

The graduation was hysterical and there were so many instances of GTFOH, Adrienne would have worn her camera out. I was trying to take a picture of this guy’s shirt on the sly, he saw me and posed---GTFOH.
We were treated to this view the entire graduation, how can you not know, didn’t he feel a draft or something.

Then the weather changed my party plans, so of course I sewed.
Finished Trisha’s dress, since it is a halter you just can’t get the full view on a hanger, hopefully I will be able to get some of Trisha wearing it.

Tried to salvage the weekend with some baking, another Cream Cheese Pound cake, it finally came out the pan perfect and was so yummy. I tried to get Gwen to take some home but she said her clothes were already getting tight. She's eaten at my house two Sunday's in a row, I'm going to have her sign a waiver or something so I don't get blamed.

Well that's it for me. I don't have anything cut out but I have some ideals rolling around in my head so stay tuned. This weekend is the Macy's Music Festival, I plan to have backup batteries for my camera lol.


Jada said...

You look good in your maxi dress.

Sheila said...

Despite your dd changing her mind you look great in your maxi dress.

LoL @ GTFOH pics.