Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is it just me

Or is everyone experiencing the almost season change blahs. I'm almost finished with the skirt from Butterick 6205, just have to hem it and add the hook/eyes on the waistband.

The zipper. It's not an invisible zipper but I'm very happy with the placement.

Another shrug, I know I need to try something different. I'm casting on for a sweater wish me luck. A friend suggested adding a zipper and I just happened to have a black separating one. I think I've finally gotten my yarn over increases right, that's why I've made so many shrugs I needed to practice.

It's going to be very hot this weekend and I should be sewing but I can't get motivated. Hopefully I will finish the top to go with the skirt before the weekend is over. I want to start sewing for Fall/Winter but what's the fun in that if you can't wear it. Knitting is different, I can start knitting something and know I'm not going to be able to wear it for months but with sewing if I make it I want to wear it.
I hope everyone has a great weekend, I think I'm going to go work on my sweater.


Michelle said...

I feel the same way. There are so many patterns for summer that so appealed to me in June, but now I'm in the sewing room thinking....but it's August....and soon it will be September...and October...and that pile of wool suiting would be so nice to work with....But then, come March, I'll have blahs all over again and want to sew pretty colors for summer!!

Sheila said...

Actually, I am enjoying sewing summer garments... especially the dresses. You zipper application looks great. I so abhor doing zippers, I always have issues with the bottom part... I always end up with puckering.

I like the shrug.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you left me. I haven't thinking of seasonal sewing at all. What ever hits me is what I've been picking up these days, even though I've been stocking up on fall/winter patterns.

Your skirt looks great and you did a nice job on the zipper. I find that they sometimes can be a pain to put in.

Your shrug turned out really nice.