Thursday, August 6, 2009

Its the Little Things

The chair I was using for sewing broke and I stole this one from my son's room, as you can see it was in need of some TLC and it was no fun sewing with these rips.

So I covered it with some of the black vinyl that I've had forever. I used a drawstring so that it could be easily removed if I inherit another no so great chair.

I've had this little lamp on my sewing table since I made the table way-back-when, I don't use it often only when working on something that needs closeup lighting and it served it's purpose.

I've also had this black light on my computer table and use it even less but it has holder's for post-its and other office stuff but why not use it on the sewing table to hold my scissors, seam ripper and other things I always need to have close by when sewing, so I made the switch, see it really is the little things that make all the difference.

It was making me crazy that I didn't have anything cut out so I cut this out and I'm doing view D (the white one) with some more Texas fabric, it's a very small houndstooth pattern. The pattern is probably older than most of you reading this but that's why it's a classic.

I found this awesome decorating blog Thrifty Decor Chick check it out, she has some amazing and easy to do decorating idea's, I see molding in my very near future. I've wanted to frame my pegboard for some time, now I think I can finally do it and not to mention the possibilities for my basement. None of it will happen this weekend the Graduation/Birthday/Graduation party was rescheduled for Saturday so I'll be busy making sure everyone has a good time, which has me asking the question why are Corn Hole sets so expensive, it's two pieces of board with a hole cut in it and some beans bags, I might have to try and make one before Saturday, we'll see.

KMQ has given me the wonderful honor of being a cyber bridesmaid, I'm so excited, don't know what I'm supposed to do but I think I'll make a dress anyway.

One last thing, remember how I said I hate yard work, here's another reason to hate it, Gwen and I both got poison ivy from pulling up all those unknown weeds, we know what they were now. Thankfully Gwen insisted that we wear long shirts and pants so it's not too bad just a little on my wrist and arm. I've almost cut the tree down, I've been doing it branch by branch and there's only one left, I think today's the day.


Susan said...

Great save with your son's chair!

I actually have that pattern, too. I got it at my sewing class from the Instructor. Score! Can't wait to see yours.

Carol said...

I have a similar sort of chair! I love the pattern. I was given a whole box of patterns from the same period and I've actually been using some of them recently. I cut a dress out last weekend from one of them. It's surprising how many 80's silhouettes are around in the current patterns. I've found that if you overlook the big hairdos and ugly fabrics on the patterns envelopes, you've got something almost the same as you can buy today. Really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out!

Julia said...

A harp! Wow! What a wonderful thing to win! I hope you or someone in your family will learn to play it!
You made a great save with the chair. I desperately need a new sewing chair. I keep hinting to my husband and daughters, but so far no takers on this gift idea.
That pattern is wonderful. I have to get out my couple of boxes of old patterns and see if there might be some that I could use.

Julia said...

oh yeah, thanks for doing the Hokey Pokey for me.