Sunday, September 20, 2009


No sewing this weekend. I didn't even rework the top, maybe next week but my knitting and crochet needles have been busy.

I checked out Knitting for Dummies for the billionth time. My friend requested a neck warmer for Christmas and they had one, I didn't like their version so I came up with this seed stitch and added the funky button. The yarn is Lion Brand Super chunky that I got on sale at Hobby Lobby. My DD said it felt like a neck brace, she is such a little Eeyore, that's what I use to call her when she was little.

I also made this scarf for a co-worker who has been begging for something forever. The color is actually very purple. I forget where I got the pattern but it was very simple, I think two lines, quick and easy. Which seems to be what I need this weekend.

I also made a cup cozy. I've wanted one forever, just never took the time to make one, this is crocheted, again super simple but serves it's purpose no more condensation or ring marks on my table and I used up a lot of my scraps. I made another one for a smaller water bottle.

Not much going on this weekend, I had an exhausting work week and just needed to veg, in that vein we're going to see "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" LJ loves 3-D movies.

I hope everyone has/had a great weekend.


judy said...

Very cool needlework! I made a hat once, started a scarf, and that is about where I left off! Nice job!

Jada said...

Very nice! It will soon be that time of the season.

elise said...

Beautiful job! When I started knitting I took the Knitting Experience by Sally Melville out of the library, you can't believe how many beautiful things that are made with the knit stitch! Check it out I would have been nowhere without the step by steps and the simple instructions. In truth I taught myself and threw many try-outs away, lol. Hope you're doing well and my best to you.

julia said...

What clever ideas for your needlework! I am impressed. I can knit and purl and I know a little about crocheting, but I can't actually make anything. Thanks for your comment about my little grand daughter's suit.