Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Outta Three Ain't Bad

First I'll show you the good, then we'll get to the ugly.

Butterick 5260, out of my 1.00/yd Hancock veeeery stretchy knit. Came out great, love it. My Mother would give me a karate chop in the middle of my back for my posture, sorry Mom I'm rolling my shoulder's back now. She would always say that to us, roll your shoulders back, but I digress.

The I see straight through you top, Butterick 5388, also a winner.

Now for the ugly. This is Simplicity 3790, which I've made a couple of times both times with mixed results, this one, not so good. It started out as view D, I lengthened the sleeves about 4 inches, it wasn't enough and then I didn't like the length of the top so I used the band from view A, disaster. It looks extra funky but I'm not giving up on it. I'm going to move the band up to the waist and add a ruffle/flounce to the sleeve, we'll see if this one can be rescued. I love the color of the fabric and would hate to see this in the NTBSA bin, (never-to-be-seen-again)

We'll have to see what the weekend brings. Oh I have to share Homearama is starting this weekend, I LOVE Homearama. This use to be me and Gwen's event but she's working 19 jobs now and won't be able to go with me this year so I've recruited Trudi, hopefully we will go next weekend. Whenever we go there will be lots of pictures of the outrageously expensive homes. The first time I went I was still renting this horrible little house and I felt awful when I left but now I just go to see and get new decorating and paint ideas, it's a blast. I'm content with the home that God has blessed me with, it is enough. There are two different links on each Homearama but neither site is very good, you'll just have to wait for my review.

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