Friday, October 30, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

My very first pair of socks, the toe on the second one is intentionally covered because it looks a hot mess lol. They are very warm and I think I'm hooked on knitted socks.

I've already started another pair, I'm using the same book, Getting Started Knitting socks by Ann Budd, these are the magic stripes socks, I love the colors in this yarn. The next pair I make I want to do some type of pattern.

Look what came in the mail, my give away prize from KMQ. The pin cushion is too cute, much better than the one I made lol. I really needed scissors, I'm sure I'm not the only one whose children use their sewing scissors to cut paper (ARGH!).

This is what's up next, I have a pair of pants and a suit cut out and waiting but I'm going to do this instead, hopefully I will get to the other's some time over the weekend.

You can see this fabric made using Vogue 1027, here
I think she did a great job on her dress, I didn't even realize I had purchased the same fabric until I was reading a different post on her blog. A lady had this in her cart when I was in Joann's last weekend and I just had to have it. I'm leaning toward Butterick 5260, I've made this before and really like it, I was going to do the turtleneck but I think that might be a bit much the
v-neck is probably a better choice for this bold fabric.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween, I wish I had a party to go to I love costume parties. Which reminds me of the best Halloween party ever, this was in LA (of course) it was time to judge the costumes so everyone who entered the contest was going around in a circle to a song I can't remember now but imagine me and my friends surprise when we spotted "The Unknown Rifle man" his costume consisted of a brown paper bag over his head, a rifle and another bag strategically place (yeah that's where) he was disqualified and we spent the rest of the night trying to figure out who it was, someone asked my friend to dance, I looked down and recognized his boots, he did have on the same boots with his costume, I whispered to my friend that that was "The Unknown Rifle Man" and she politely declined. If you're not old enough to remember The Unknown Comic on The Gong Show it won't make much sense but still it's my favorite Halloween story.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not MY Grandbaby

Look at this hideously horrible cone head shaped hat, it is beyond horrible. When I went to pick up my GS my DD showed it to me they were giving them away at his school. I was just beside myself the thought that my GS wore this crocheted catastrophe was more than I could stand, just look how upset he is lol. (Really he was just sleepy.)

You know Grandma had to get busy and make him a decent hat, he's still sleepy. My DD in the background reminds me of that song "she get from her Mama" lol.

Here he is fully awake, he looked so cute in his robe.

My very first issue, when I was trying to learn to knit, I went to the needleworks group at the library and a lady was making a sweater from an issue of Vogue Knitting and I remember thinking I'd never be able to do that, just goes to show you, never say never.

I will leave you with a beautiful picture of fall, the color of the leaves on this tree is stunning, I love Fall.

My other sock is almost done, I will probably finish it tonight or tomorrow, didn't get any sewing done for myself because I had to make a hat or maybe God is trying to teach me to share my gift hmmmmm. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Something for Him

My Little guy requested a robe, although he called it, "that thing that Kendall wears when he comes out the shower". I made him one out of this navy fleece, I was contemplating making these this year for the boys Christmas gift so I wanted to see how long it took versus the 1 hour pjs. It didn't take that much longer than the pjs if I get started early it could happen.

Since he's 6 I attached the belt to the back loop, the pattern only called for two side loops but I knew the belt would be history if I didn't attach it.

Now I'm cleared for a weekend of sewing for myself. The co-worked I promised the dress to let me off the hook she said I could make her a hat and scarf oh yeah that's much better, I can knock that out, I just really, really don't like sewing for people, is that wrong?
Let's see what the weekend brings...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love Birthdays

It's just so nice to know how much people really care about you. This year's haul was quite impressive, $190.00 cash, $80.00 in gift cards and when we went to Red Lobster on Friday my wonderful son announced that he was paying the tab, he not only paid for me but his sister and nephew, he's a great kid.

Saturday Gwen talked me into attending she son's last soccer game, he's a senior this year, I remember going to see him in the hospital when he was born, time flies. It was freezing, the jacket held it's own and kept me warm.

LJ loved it and now he wants to play soccer.

A just for me purchase with my Hobby Lobby gift card. Don't know what I'm going to use it for but isn't it cute.

A better picture in the jacket, everybody loved it and wants one, the only real contender for one is Gwen, this just might end up being her Christmas present but it will be not be in a plaid.

Sunday breakfast was off the chain, we had pineapple caramel french toast, it was "shut up" good.

Of course the usual players, chorizo eggs (I'm hooked), hash browns, bacon, sausage and grits, the eggs are really good with grits.

I don't have any pictures of my birthday dinner but it was herb roasted chicken, shrimp jambalaya, fresh green beans with new potatoes, fried corn and crescent rolls, I have to say I hit this one out of the park too.
I didn't start on the pants to go with the jacket as you can see it goes great with jeans. I cut out a fleece robe for my GS so I will finish that before I start anything else. I really, really need to get started on my holiday sewing, every year I promise myself I will start early, maybe this will be the year I actually do it.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday, it's my birthday, it's also my blogaversary. Last year I requested a digital camera for my birthday so I could start blogging and it's been a blast. Cyber years must be like dog years because I can't believe it's been that long. I also won KMQ's give away, Happy Birthday to meeeeeee.

I've been wearing my sock, that's right my one sock, you do strange things when working from home, you should see me dancing around to Bootsie Collins oldies, I digress but I'm sold I love it and I'm going to get started on the other one as soon as I can, it's so much warmer than my crocheted slippers and I though they were great, oh well now I get why people knit socks they rock.

That's the sock update now the sweater update, almost there but look at how much yarn I have left....I really, really hope it's enough but it's just brown cotton hopefully I would be able to find more. I thought about shortening the sleeves but it's going to be winter soon and I really want it to be long sleeves.

Now for the jacket update, I probably have ADHD I've just learned to channel it. There's not a lot of information out there on raglan shoulder shaping. I knew I needed something and a dinky purchased shoulder pad just didn't cut it so I made my own.

This is the first draft, yeah no good. There were a total of two failed attempts.

This is the one I used, it looks huge doesn't it but with a raglan shoulder there's a lot of space about 8 inches between shoulder and sleeve cap so it needed to be this large, it's simply two pieces of thin batting sandwiched in the lining fabric and serged.

These are the buttons.

Almost there, I did what I never do when I least should have done it, I threw away my fabric scraps and the band was cut in the wrong direction so I had to piece a new one together and then try to get the plaid to line up, not fun but done.

I'm just breaking all my rules with this jacket, I never, never put labels in anything I make for myself but while going through my button stash I noticed that this little label I purchased from Hancock looked kinda cool against the lining so I put it in, of course I couldn't find "Tanya" so I got my middle name "Denise" which is also my two older sister's and niece's middle name so any of them could claim it lol.

This jacket has been quite the adventure, I really should pay attention to the pattern fabric recommendations this probably wasn't the best fabric choice but I'm loving it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

There will always be compromises

So far so good on my first wool jacket. I can't believe as long as I've been sewing I've never made a wool jacket.

Having less than 3 yds of fabric was definitely a challenge but I'm very happy with the plaid matching, this is the back collar and it's pure luck that it matches up so good. I had to omit the back pleat in order to have the yoke match.

You can't tell but I did include the pleat in the lining.

Love the under collar, since the wool is so thick I had to do a lot of under stitching, the pattern didn't call for a lining but a wool jacket pretty much demands it.

The compromise is that the plaid wasn't going to match up somewhere I knew this but I also knew that it had to match in the front, lapels, back yoke and the two part sleeve, so it won't match on the side seams, I figured this was as good as it would get, we'll have to see once it's finished.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sock It To Me

Warning, long post, I've been busy.

First things first, I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award by the wonderful Faye, thank you so much Faye. I'm not very good at following the award instructions but I'll give it my best shot.

Seven things about me? Well if you've been reading my blog for any length of time you pretty much know everything but here goes.

1. My favorite day of the week is Sunday.
2. My favorite meal is Sunday breakfast.
3. I'm a craft/sewing/knitting/crochet geek and proud of it.
4. I LOVE to cook.
5. I truly appreciate my girlfriends.
6. I have one friend that I've kept in touch with that I've known since grade school.
7. I'll be 49 next week.

Now I'm supposed to nominate 7 other blogs, this is the hard part. The award has pretty much made the circuit and I've only been able to come up with 5, here they are:

Home Spun Living - Love this blog, I think I'm a country girl at heart.

Life Happens Be Positive - WOW! Just an awesome person sharing the good and the bad.

Adrienne - I have to nominate Adrienne my weeks are just not right if she doesn't post.

Gold - Doesn't post as often as I would like but that probably means she has a life and I still appreciate it when she does share.

String of Purls - I don't know how I found this blog but she's somewhere in Cincy so I feel connected and she just sounds like a really kewl person.

Thanks again Faye, I really appreciate the award. Now on to the fun stuff.

I'm sewing, yippee! Started the Butterick 5375 jacket. In order for the patch pockets to work I felt that they needed to disappear into the jacket front, after cutting the pocket out 4 times I finally got it right. The top pocket just shows the pocket lining on one that I didn't use. Love the lining fabric, some Hancock generic clearance find. The pattern calls for just one button and I found this one on the basement floor, don't know where it came from but it's going to find a home on this jacket. There's a story behind this jacket pattern, when I lived in Pine Bluff, Ark, a co-worker let me borrow a short jacket pattern that she had, I loved that pattern I made one for myself and my sister-in-law, I begged and begged but she wouldn't let me have that pattern, this was as close as I could find, I do remember that her pattern had a back vent instead of pleats. I am going to try to and do that instead of the back pleats, I think it will work better with the thick wool fabric. I'll keep you posted on my progress. DUH! I wish I had thought to trace that pattern and copy the instructions, as Gold would say "live and learn".

A throw back to my 80's crafty days, I saw this on somebodies blog and for the life of me I can't remember. I have a really bad habit of visiting blogs that other blogger's have listed and you know you just start clicking and clicking. It's just an empty jar that I made a Christmas fabric pin cushion for the top and filled it with my jewelry making/embellishment stuff, buttons would be cute too but a lot of my buttons are still on cards and I didn't feel like taking them off. I thought about making another one, filling it with goodies and giving it away for my blog-a-versary. I would appreciate your comments, you can be honest you won't hurt my feelings. This is just the proto-type, you never want the first one of anything I make, another good example coming up.

In other crafy knitting news, I made a sock, that's right, just one lol. I will start the other one next week---maybe. I wanted to learn to make socks because it's the most challenging knitting project for a newbie like me. I don't think I'll ever do fair isle knitting, I'm just not that adventurous. I wanted to learn to make socks because my Father is always complaining that his ankles (tree trunks) are cold, he's cold because his cankles are humongous and no socks come up far enough, how nice would it be to make him a nice warm pair of wool socks that fit, after this experience I might have to keep looking for another solution--can an old man get away with wearing leg warmers lol.

One good thing about learning to make socks, there's a wealth of information on the subject. I think there's an entire section of books just on socks in my library. I was motivated by my own cankles and I did adjust the pattern, I added 4 stitches to the largest size in the beginning and then went down to the normal size for the foot, I'm pretty happy with the fit.

After checking out about 50 different books, (that's just a slight exaggeration) I think this was the best. The illustrations and instructions were very good. I purchased some sock yarn but started with a heavier weight yarn so I could use a larger needled, I knitted these on size 4 dpns. The toothpick size 2's were just a bit much. The book was great because it had several different patterns that used different types/sizes of yarn/needles but no matter which pattern you choose you could still refer to the detailed instructions.

Here's a close up of the dreaded heel flap--whatever!

I guess you can tell I'm not that thrilled with my foraye into sock making. I think there was a pattern in one of my crochet mags for socks, I think I'll try crocheting them now that I understand the terms and basic construction. The dpn's was even less fun than cabling.
I'm going back to familiar ground, my sewing machines and the jacket. I hope everyone has/had a great weekend and if you're off tomorrow bonus! Enjoy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Close but no Cigar

All I managed to do this weekend was get a pair of pants and short jacket cut out and marked.

I will probably never make this jacket but I liked the pants pattern and Hancock had another irresistible 1.99 sale. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised by this fabric, it seems a tad too bright but it matches the plaid in the jacket perfectly and the jacket is beige so hopefully this will work.

I've had this jacket pattern forever, Butterick 5375. The fabric is a wool blend that I purchased in Texas, I had less than 3 yds, thus the short jacket.

I'm so excited, this sweater might actually happen. It's from "Knitting for Dummies" your first sweater. I only had to frog it once. The yarn is cotton and I'm a little disappointed because it's pilling already but I'm still going to finish it.

That's about it for me, I hope everyone had a great weekend, happy sewing, knitting, crocheting or doing whatever makes you smile.