Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday, it's my birthday, it's also my blogaversary. Last year I requested a digital camera for my birthday so I could start blogging and it's been a blast. Cyber years must be like dog years because I can't believe it's been that long. I also won KMQ's give away, Happy Birthday to meeeeeee.

I've been wearing my sock, that's right my one sock, you do strange things when working from home, you should see me dancing around to Bootsie Collins oldies, I digress but I'm sold I love it and I'm going to get started on the other one as soon as I can, it's so much warmer than my crocheted slippers and I though they were great, oh well now I get why people knit socks they rock.

That's the sock update now the sweater update, almost there but look at how much yarn I have left....I really, really hope it's enough but it's just brown cotton hopefully I would be able to find more. I thought about shortening the sleeves but it's going to be winter soon and I really want it to be long sleeves.

Now for the jacket update, I probably have ADHD I've just learned to channel it. There's not a lot of information out there on raglan shoulder shaping. I knew I needed something and a dinky purchased shoulder pad just didn't cut it so I made my own.

This is the first draft, yeah no good. There were a total of two failed attempts.

This is the one I used, it looks huge doesn't it but with a raglan shoulder there's a lot of space about 8 inches between shoulder and sleeve cap so it needed to be this large, it's simply two pieces of thin batting sandwiched in the lining fabric and serged.

These are the buttons.

Almost there, I did what I never do when I least should have done it, I threw away my fabric scraps and the band was cut in the wrong direction so I had to piece a new one together and then try to get the plaid to line up, not fun but done.

I'm just breaking all my rules with this jacket, I never, never put labels in anything I make for myself but while going through my button stash I noticed that this little label I purchased from Hancock looked kinda cool against the lining so I put it in, of course I couldn't find "Tanya" so I got my middle name "Denise" which is also my two older sister's and niece's middle name so any of them could claim it lol.

This jacket has been quite the adventure, I really should pay attention to the pattern fabric recommendations this probably wasn't the best fabric choice but I'm loving it.


Faye Lewis said...

WOW! A double wammie. Happy Birthday and Blog Anniversary!= too!

Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday and Blog Anniversary!

elise said...


I celebrate your birth and because of that we are able to learn so very much from you. Happy of the Happiest to you friend !


Have a happy , happy day !

Jada said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!Congrats on the winnings.

judy said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love your jacket! You will have to post a picture with you in it! :)

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday and Blog Anniversary!!

I love how your jacket is coming along.

julia said...

Happy birthday and blog anniversary!! The jacket is looking great!

Melodye said...

Happy Birthday!!!!