Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love Birthdays

It's just so nice to know how much people really care about you. This year's haul was quite impressive, $190.00 cash, $80.00 in gift cards and when we went to Red Lobster on Friday my wonderful son announced that he was paying the tab, he not only paid for me but his sister and nephew, he's a great kid.

Saturday Gwen talked me into attending she son's last soccer game, he's a senior this year, I remember going to see him in the hospital when he was born, time flies. It was freezing, the jacket held it's own and kept me warm.

LJ loved it and now he wants to play soccer.

A just for me purchase with my Hobby Lobby gift card. Don't know what I'm going to use it for but isn't it cute.

A better picture in the jacket, everybody loved it and wants one, the only real contender for one is Gwen, this just might end up being her Christmas present but it will be not be in a plaid.

Sunday breakfast was off the chain, we had pineapple caramel french toast, it was "shut up" good.

Of course the usual players, chorizo eggs (I'm hooked), hash browns, bacon, sausage and grits, the eggs are really good with grits.

I don't have any pictures of my birthday dinner but it was herb roasted chicken, shrimp jambalaya, fresh green beans with new potatoes, fried corn and crescent rolls, I have to say I hit this one out of the park too.
I didn't start on the pants to go with the jacket as you can see it goes great with jeans. I cut out a fleece robe for my GS so I will finish that before I start anything else. I really, really need to get started on my holiday sewing, every year I promise myself I will start early, maybe this will be the year I actually do it.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Michelle said...

That breakfast looks delicious, but you want to hear something funny? You and my Mama have the same plates!! I am glad you had a great birthday, and before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Sheila said...

Glad you had a great birthday and the jacket looks good on you. The breakfast looks srumptious.


Glad you had a "happy" birthday! It's woonderful to know that others love and celebrate you.

Happy Birthday!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday~! Sounds like an awesome one! :) That breakfast looks amazing!