Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tis' the Season (Picture Heavy)

This is the only sewing I did this weekend, needless to say I'm way behind schedule, you'll see why....

I saw this adorable fabric and decided that I had enough time to make my DD a cami, pj bottoms and a robe---I think I'm super woman. I did get everything cut out.

Saturday night was Sherrie's annual Christmas get together. She use to facilitate the Single Parent Support group at my church so a few of us still get together every year to celebrate the kids are grown and mostly gone lol.

And tonight I decided to take my GS to see the Holiday in Lights at Sharon Woods we've gone before but we usually just drive through the park and see the lights this is the first year that we visited SantaLand, it definitely won't be the last time.

They had an indoor play area, which LJ loved.

A train display that was really cool.

Here is LJ with the Mayor of Santaland, too cute.

Of course the lights.

A puppet show, he was Scrooge.

The Charles Dickens Carolers.

All manner of Christmas goodies, LJ had a cookie on a stick and I got a snickerdoole, yummy.

And just in case you forgot you were at a park, this is a fake snake.

This was a real snake. I hate snakes. Of course LJ thought that was cool.

And I'll leave you with the cutest little reindeer, isn't she a doll.

So yeah I'm way behind on my sewing but it was so worth it. I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Elaray said...

It's okay set aside sewing for other fun stuff and Santaland with your GS looks like fun!

Julia said...

What a wonderful place to take the little fellow!!!