Monday, December 27, 2010

Jamming Jammies and how not to pay 12.00 for Slipper Soles

McCalls 4979, these will be for my friend Gwen, the bottoms will be plain brown flannel.

Side view, don't you just love it when a good plaid comes together, I know this isn't really a plaid but I just wanted to say that, anywho the pattern matched up great.

I'm crocheting these slippers to go with the pj's, the yarn is lion brand suede turquoise and red heart brown. Read on to see how I figured out how not to pay 12.00 for slipper soles. I purchased a pair and they were fine but they were 12.00 freakin dollars.

I'm sure most of you scrapbooker's have several pairs of these handy hole punchers around.

Use those handy hole punches to make holes in the non-skid stuff you can get at any fabric store, sew on with sock weight yarn or embroidery floss and wa-la slipper soles for very little money. I would like to try and find this in a different color but I have also used the eyeglass cleaner cloth that you can find at most $1.00 stores.

After making all those pj's for the boys I knew I wanted a pair, never mind that it was a Mens/Boys pattern. I would much rather have a pair of fleece pj's that are decent enough to leave the house in than a snuggie. I've made many, many snuggies but never for myself. I have enough blankets. I almost forgot please meet Molly, I finally received a dress form from my DD for Christmas.

Speaking of my DD, here she is modeling her jacket. Please excuse her hair she said she's going to get a New Year's Weave lol. She's still cute as a button.

Another 4-day weekend is on the horizon and I hope to do some serious sewing for myself. I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.

Friday, December 24, 2010

That's a Wrap

I finished my DD's jacket, it came out great much better than mine.
Inside out.

I used 1 inch elastic for her cuffs instead of the 2 inch, I like it much better.

I couldn't find any cording that I liked so I knit an I-cord.

After seeing the boy's robes last year their Mom requested one, it only took a year lol. McCalls 2476.

Fleece from Hancock fabric Black Friday sale, 1.99/yd, wish I would have bought more.

This is on my needles, about half way there.

And I will leave you with a little holiday cheer. Taken at Sharon Woods Santaland train display.

My DD getting fresh with the talking Christmas tree.

And here's a peak at next years Christmas card picture.

I had to pull rank and insist that my DS and DD come with us but as you can see we all had a great time.
Have a very Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let it Snow and other happenings

If I didn't make him come in
I think he would sled until his toes fell off.
Couldn't get through a Christmas without an appearance of Simplicity 3042, my old standby. These went to California so they're flannel not fleece. Fleece and LA don't mix. I just used scraps but they came out really cute and festive.

I've been knitting up a storm, another slouchy beret was requested but I made so many last year I'll spare you the pic. I made this caplet loosely based on a free pattern. I used variegated boucle and black red heart.

Love the way this came out. It's very warm and was pretty quick, I used size 15 circular needles and bound off with 17's. Now I know what to do with all that boucle yarn I bought. The red heart along with the boucle worked out great. I received a lot of compliments.

One last Christmas present for my DD, this is McCalls 5981, it's the same pattern I used for my purple "Barney" jacket. I also made myself a jacket out of the same fabric about two years ago. I added belt loops because I learned on mine that a belted jacket without belt loops is annoying.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.

Monday, December 6, 2010

2010 PJ Blitz

Is done, Simplicity 2318 again
and again
I'm not done with my Christmas gifts but this is a very good start, I'm usually down to the last minute.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Third Times a Charm

This is the third time I've made these and just noticed that my pocket placement was way off on the other two. I doubt the 10 and 12 yr. old boys I'm making them for will notice but I have plenty of time to move the other one.

Yep, that's more of the brown stretch knit and I'm not done with it yet, keep reading.

I was getting a little bummed out sewing for others so I sneaked in this top and then got right back to my unselfish sewing. This is McCalls 6203, view D. I think I still have enough of this fabric for another project.

I made the hat a couple of weeks ago, it's the slouchy tuva beret, the yarn is Red Heart Shimmer.

I'm very happy with my weekend projects, I've made quite a dent in my Christmas PJs and it isn't even December yet.

Have a blessed week.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let the Sewing Begin

One good thing about not going out of town for Thanksgiving, I did get started on my Christmas projects. This is simplicity 2318, one down three to go. The brown stretch knit trim is courtesy of Trudi.

This too is from the Trudi stash, I felt it only fitting to make her DD something from this super cute fleece. The pattern is McCalls 6225, super fast and easy.

I didn't have enough fabric for the belt so I used some of my left over purple fleece.

Another plus is that I went to both JoAnns and Hancock's black Friday sales. I got my free scissors from JoAnns and cleaned up on the fleece at Hancock's, it was on sale for 1.99/yd.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Blue Moon

It must have been because I went to a dance. Here's everybody, we had a ball. Mo wasn't really wearing that hat, it's her husband's, it was raining. I am cheesin' with my party hair.

The Delfonics will make you do this, Jackie's going to kill me.

This weekend was much more sedate. Feeding the ducks at the park.

And lastly a pic of me wearing the sweater. I received a lot of comments.

Not much sewing going on, still trying to jump start my Christmas pj marathon. We won't be going to Texas this year so hopefully I will get a lot done over Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanks, Trudi

My dear shopaholic friend gave me a ton of fabric and I immediately cut into this sweater knit. The pattern is Butterick 5251. I've been looking for a sweater knit forever of course Trudi would find it and I have the perfect belt. I hope to get pics wearing it this week.

View B with the sleeves from view A.

Yep, I was gifted all of that fabric I will be cranking out a lot from this mother load, there are some really nice pieces and a lot of it.
Thank God for good friends.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Barney Jacket

I sewed all day Sunday and was able to finish the McCalls 5981 jacket, it's very purple brighter than the picture but I love it.

Inside out, I lined it with the left over eggplant/deep purple fabric that I used to make the epic fail jumpsuit.
This is a great jacket and I have to thank Gold for the inspiration, after seeing her red version I knew I had to make this, my DD wants one I'm going to try and work on it this weekend and get a jump on my Christmas sewing.

Beside adding the lining I redrafted the collar because I wanted to use the lining fabric for the under collar to eliminate bulk, even with the lining this was still a pretty quick project.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Grandson wants Grandson gets

I had this all cut out and ready to go, even had both machines threaded but then...

My GS decided he needs some pjs. I guess now is as good a time as any to start the marathon pj session, I know I made him at least 5 pairs last year.

The pattern is Simplicity 2318 and I think this will be my go to pj pattern for the boys this year. Super fast and super easy. I only bought 1 1/2 yd fabric because I intended to only make the bottoms but I found a coordinating remnant in my stash and squeezed out the top, he's happy and I've broken in a new pattern.

Maybe I will be able to start my jacket tomorrow.

BTW, thank everyone for the birthday wishes, you guys are awesome.

Happy Crafting, create whatever it is that makes you happy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Post in the 5 0 Club

To quote my cousin. Yep, last week was my birthday I'm officially in that club. Can't believe it but thank God for it.

This is Simplicity 2554 view A, I made it last weekend. Fabric from Hobby Lobby on sale for $4.00/yd, that's not much of a sale to me.

Not much sewing going on this week, the only thing I made was this little Kleenex holder for my GS's teacher's birthday. Along with a few other goodies.

I finished this hat and scarf for myself. The yarn was purchased from Hancock for .69 skein, now that's a sale. I used two skeins. The hat pattern is slouchy tuva beret and I just winged it on the scarf.

Cute baby pic. Gwen's grandkids.

And I'll leave you with this pic. I took my GS to Halloween Nights at Parky's Farm on Saturday, we had a good time but the lines were insane. It seemed like every Grandparent had the same ideal.

I hope everybody had a great weekend.