Sunday, January 31, 2010

Start with a staple

After about 19 trips to Home Depot I didn't have a lot of time to sew. I did manage to squeeze in this grey cowl neck top, it's Butterick 5388 the fabric is 1.50/yd Wal-Mart knit.

Lighting makes the color look different it's actually closer to this, the fabric was so thin I lined the front/back but not the sleeves, I didn't want to have to wear a cami and it's still pretty cold.

This is the second time I've made this top, this was the first time I used a sheer black w/white polka dots in the summer. Great quick and easy top.

At least the drain is back together but now the sink is clogged ARGH! It's always something.

Have a great week.

Friday, January 29, 2010

If You Bang It Hard Enough

It will come off. My garbage disposal was leaking like my Father's boat (he doesn't read my blog so I can say that lol) instead of calling a plumber I decided to give it a whack, literally actually many, many whacks and it finally came off.
It sure couldn't hurt to try of course this is only temporary I will have to go back to Home Depot tomorrow for the correct fixture but I did it. I had no intention of trying to install another garbage disposal a regular drain will do. Although it saved me the money I would have spent on a plumber I didn't get anything cut out but the weekend is just beginning.

Ladies don't be afraid of home repairs just whack it and see what happens.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hats, Hats and more Hats

Yep, you guessed it another Star crossed slouchy beret, this one is for my DD using the sparkle yarn in black, this makes 3 for her and a total of 8. I have to make one more pink one for my niece in California and then hopefully I'm done. These hats have ended up in Chicago, Dayton and soon California, maybe I should rename it the Star Crossed Traveling Beret.
I really wanted some type of slouchy hat for myself but the Star Crossed one seemed a tad young for me but I found the Tuva Slouchy Beret and I think I have a winner. This is the same yarn I used when I made my very first knitted sweater. A paper plate is great for blocking this type of hat. I didn't have a size 4 circular so I adjusted the stitches and used a size 8.

Happy Crafting.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can't Make Just One

I am woefully behind on my winter wardrobe and he's the reason. My GS is playing basketball and it's just as cute as when he played T-Ball.

He also requested another snuggie, he wanted to have one that stayed at my house so I didn't get any sewing done for myself but he was happy and that's what matters. He loves the foot pocket lol. I think I've sewed more for him that I ever did for my son, he just keeps finding projects.

But seriously next weekend is mine!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Cutest Little Hobbit

That's what he reminded me of in his snuggie, he kept saying "what's a hobbit"? He may not appreciate that reference once he finds out.

The orange in the fabric matches his red/orange hair lol. He's so cute and he was very happy with it, he said he didn't know I could make a snuggie.

That's all the sewing I got done today but time flys when you're enjoying baking cookies and shopping with your GS, time well spent.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Martin Luther King Day.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

PJs Masquerading as Pants

First let me say that Simplicity 2700 is a great pants pattern. To use the classic line, "it's not you it's me" I can't blame the pattern for my weird body issues. The sides don't lie flat because I have an alien dent there and it seems that my hips are waging a battle to get as wide as all outdoors. Obviously I need to spend more time with the skinny bitches aka The Firm.

Considering all of my issues I'm still pretty happy with my wearable muslin. I don't muslin just the thought of putting all that time into something and then not be able to wear it but since I'm having all these issues with pants I thought it would be worth it. I used broadcloth and flannel that were part of my Wal-Mart score when they eliminated their fabric dept. I think they both were .50/yd so I didn't have much to loose.
Here's the pj part I used the flannel to line them, my fashion fabric is corduroy and I plan to line them so I wanted the same weight for the muslin.

They look kinda winkled in this picture but I will give them a good press before wearing, I just threw this on to get a picture, I made this fleece jacket last year.

This is my fashion fabric, I purchased the corduroy at Hobby Lobby and the polyester print from Hancock. I want to make McCalls 5522, view D or C I'm still undecided about the ruffle the print is a little busy and I think it might be a bit much with a ruffle.

My DD requested a snugglie for Christmas and my GS has been asking for one ever since, hopefully I will get this done tomorrow. I got the football fleece at Hancock it was 3.95 and I used my 40% off coupon.

Went to see The Book of Eli because I go see any and everything with Denzel in it lol. It was okay, if you're not a fan of violent post-apocalyptic movies (which I'm not) it may not be your cup of tea. I prefer a kinder gentler Mo Better Blues Denzel.

One more day of sewing, let's see what develops.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Coming Clean

Andrea crocheted a beautiful Deep V-Neck sweater out of this yarn and I shared with her that I had the same yarn which I made this vest and coordinating blouse. I also confessed that I've only worn it once, you'll see why. It looks so pretty doesn't it?

Well after washing the blouse it now looks like this lol. I just haven't worked up the desire to do battle with the iron and spray starch. I couldn't buy another wrinkle to put in this blouse. It was a nightmare to make the ruffle collar gave me a fit and satin ruffle blouses went out of style just about as soon as they came in.

Also I had just started back crocheting after more than 20+ years and my button attachment was awful. I just reinforced them with interfacing but the interfacing didn't have anything to hold onto so the buttons are just about falling off.

But I am not easily deterred, after making countless star crossed slouchy berets out of my least favorite yarn--Red Heart I had an ah-ha moment and made a swatch using the black/white/gray boucle yarn that I purchased at the same time and Red Heart black , I think I have a winner. It looks like a really funky chunky yarn, of course the Red Heart minimizes the self-striping in the boucle but I'm okay with that. I'm not using a pattern but I hope to end up with some type of cardigan, we'll see what develops.

I finished the hat to go with my crocheted scarf, it's Bernat's free pattern Satin Cable Hat, the cable pattern doesn't show too well with this yarn but I still like the hat, it's a little big but some discretely placed cord elastic will fix that.

I feel so much better now that that's all out in the open lol. I'm determined to make a pair of pants this weekend so wish me luck.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally Something for Me!

I finished McCalls 4675 with left overs from the boy's Christmas robes. I have it on now and it's so comfy and warm I may have to make a couple more. I used the Wal-Mart fleece for the pants and I wasn't too crazy about it but I really like that it's a little lighter than the Hancock fleece which is what I used for the top. I used store bought binding for the neck the fleece was too bulky and I just serged the bottom instead of hemming.

I also finished my scarf, now I just have to figure out what hat pattern to use but I can promise it won't be the Star Crossed Slouchy beret lol.

Hopefully this will be this weekend's project, I have some gifted corduroy that I want to use to make the view on the left.

Taking another cue from Adrienne, I'm going to give this pattern a try, hopefully the fit will be amazing.

I think I've broken the pj cycle and can move on to more substantial wardrobe pieces.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Must Be Fate

I think I'm fated to make endless pairs of pj's. My GS loves pj's and he didn't have a pair when he stayed last night so I had to whip these up. The pattern is Simplicity 2771, super easy and if it makes him happy then it's well worth it.

I think I'm also doomed to create endless versions of the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret, the one that I send to Chicago elicited a request for two more a black one and a white one. Here is number 5 being blocked on a paper plate. It's a very popular style and I think I will have to make at least 3 or 4 more before I'm done, let me say thanks again to Adrienne for sending me the pattern; I'm unable to download from Raverly. I'm also unable to log into Pattern Review which is why I don't do them, I think it's time for a new laptop.

I did manage to sneak in a little diversion, I don't know if you remember this yarn but I purchased a ton of it because it was such a steal, I soon learned why, the yarn is very difficult to work with but I have so much of it I was determined to find a way to work with it and as an added bonus I'm using my seldom used double ended crochet hook.

Just a simple scarf with a space to thread the end through, so far so good. I happened to catch an episode of Knit and Crochet today on PBS and learned that I was doing the stitch incorrectly but I like mine better lol.

That's about it for me, this year is off to a very slow start but I hope to pick up steam soon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let It Snow

Maybe I will get some sewing done.

I cut out McCalls 4675 out of what was left from the Christmas robes, hopefully I will get it finished before the weekend.

I really enjoyed reading everyone's year end recap's I'm not that organized I have no idea how many things I sewed, I do have a few favorites.

Simplicity 2582, the maxi dress craze, definitely got into this big time, loved this fabric and my zipper pull.

Butterick 5331, the fact that the fabric was free was a plus, plaids matched great, love it.

Butterick 5375, has to be number 1, love this jacket 1.50/yd wool can't beat it.

All in all 09 was a very good year two graduations and I finally learned to knit. I don't have any resolutions I'm just going to give 2010 all I've got and see what develops.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

I didn't fall off the face of the earth but instead I've been sick, yep my entire time off has been spent in bed nursing the flu, not a stitch sewn or knit but I still have high hopes for 2010 and I hope everyone had a great New Year's.