Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can't Make Just One

I am woefully behind on my winter wardrobe and he's the reason. My GS is playing basketball and it's just as cute as when he played T-Ball.

He also requested another snuggie, he wanted to have one that stayed at my house so I didn't get any sewing done for myself but he was happy and that's what matters. He loves the foot pocket lol. I think I've sewed more for him that I ever did for my son, he just keeps finding projects.

But seriously next weekend is mine!


gwensews said...

Oh, you spoiling gramma you! I have two little grandons, brothers, 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 years old. I am sooooo into spoiling them! Aren't they fun? Being a gramma is the absolutely best. And you won't ever regret the time you spend with your grandson.

Jada said...

He is a good reason to not be sewing for yourself.He is tooooo cute!

Angela said...

What a cutie! No wonder you're not sewing for yourself. Hehe... I'm sure your son understands. :)

julia said...

I certainly understand how it is with those little ones. They just look at you that sweet little way of theirs and anything they want is theirs! I love the snuggie with the foot pocket. Was that in the pattern or something you came up with? My mother would love that. Her feet are always cold!!!
Thanks for the offer of the football fleece that you have left over. We've been accumulating UT football stuff over the years so much that we don't need anymore. It is so sweet of you to offer it to me, though. You are one of the reasons that I love blogging so much. I feel a kindred spirit!

Carol said...

I can see why you want to spoil him, he's very cute!