Friday, January 15, 2010

Coming Clean

Andrea crocheted a beautiful Deep V-Neck sweater out of this yarn and I shared with her that I had the same yarn which I made this vest and coordinating blouse. I also confessed that I've only worn it once, you'll see why. It looks so pretty doesn't it?

Well after washing the blouse it now looks like this lol. I just haven't worked up the desire to do battle with the iron and spray starch. I couldn't buy another wrinkle to put in this blouse. It was a nightmare to make the ruffle collar gave me a fit and satin ruffle blouses went out of style just about as soon as they came in.

Also I had just started back crocheting after more than 20+ years and my button attachment was awful. I just reinforced them with interfacing but the interfacing didn't have anything to hold onto so the buttons are just about falling off.

But I am not easily deterred, after making countless star crossed slouchy berets out of my least favorite yarn--Red Heart I had an ah-ha moment and made a swatch using the black/white/gray boucle yarn that I purchased at the same time and Red Heart black , I think I have a winner. It looks like a really funky chunky yarn, of course the Red Heart minimizes the self-striping in the boucle but I'm okay with that. I'm not using a pattern but I hope to end up with some type of cardigan, we'll see what develops.

I finished the hat to go with my crocheted scarf, it's Bernat's free pattern Satin Cable Hat, the cable pattern doesn't show too well with this yarn but I still like the hat, it's a little big but some discretely placed cord elastic will fix that.

I feel so much better now that that's all out in the open lol. I'm determined to make a pair of pants this weekend so wish me luck.


gwensews said...

Oh, your poor blouse. And it was such a pretty thing. Have fun with your crochet.

Elaray said...

What a mess of wrinkles!!! I'm so sorry. The blouse looked beautiful and it coordinated perfectly with the vest.

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

The words escape me to comment on the wrinkles in that blouse!

Sheila said...

Oh No those darn wrinkles. What about sending it off to the cleaners? Its a perfect match to the vest

Angela said...

The blouse and vest are perfect for each other! Hehehe.. those wrinkles really are a force to be reckoned with. :) Good luck with those!