Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Must Be Fate

I think I'm fated to make endless pairs of pj's. My GS loves pj's and he didn't have a pair when he stayed last night so I had to whip these up. The pattern is Simplicity 2771, super easy and if it makes him happy then it's well worth it.

I think I'm also doomed to create endless versions of the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret, the one that I send to Chicago elicited a request for two more a black one and a white one. Here is number 5 being blocked on a paper plate. It's a very popular style and I think I will have to make at least 3 or 4 more before I'm done, let me say thanks again to Adrienne for sending me the pattern; I'm unable to download from Raverly. I'm also unable to log into Pattern Review which is why I don't do them, I think it's time for a new laptop.

I did manage to sneak in a little diversion, I don't know if you remember this yarn but I purchased a ton of it because it was such a steal, I soon learned why, the yarn is very difficult to work with but I have so much of it I was determined to find a way to work with it and as an added bonus I'm using my seldom used double ended crochet hook.

Just a simple scarf with a space to thread the end through, so far so good. I happened to catch an episode of Knit and Crochet today on PBS and learned that I was doing the stitch incorrectly but I like mine better lol.

That's about it for me, this year is off to a very slow start but I hope to pick up steam soon.


gwensews said...

You're not so slow, at all. You made those cute PJs for your son, and knitting. You'vde got the year off to a great start! Keep up the momentum!

Sheila said...

I am envying your pj making, my pj list is getting longer &

The hat is gorgeous. What type of yarn did you use... it looks like it has strands of silver metallic thread.

judy said...

I love your slouchy hats! I think I probably make more nighties than anything else....quick and satisfying. I love your pj's!

Carol said...

That is the cutest pair of PJ's and a very cute picture!

Tanya said...

Sheila believe it or not it's just plain old red heart white, I think it was the flash against the styrofoam plate that I used to block it, I tried to find more yarn like I used for my DD's in white/silver but they were out of it.