Sunday, January 17, 2010

PJs Masquerading as Pants

First let me say that Simplicity 2700 is a great pants pattern. To use the classic line, "it's not you it's me" I can't blame the pattern for my weird body issues. The sides don't lie flat because I have an alien dent there and it seems that my hips are waging a battle to get as wide as all outdoors. Obviously I need to spend more time with the skinny bitches aka The Firm.

Considering all of my issues I'm still pretty happy with my wearable muslin. I don't muslin just the thought of putting all that time into something and then not be able to wear it but since I'm having all these issues with pants I thought it would be worth it. I used broadcloth and flannel that were part of my Wal-Mart score when they eliminated their fabric dept. I think they both were .50/yd so I didn't have much to loose.
Here's the pj part I used the flannel to line them, my fashion fabric is corduroy and I plan to line them so I wanted the same weight for the muslin.

They look kinda winkled in this picture but I will give them a good press before wearing, I just threw this on to get a picture, I made this fleece jacket last year.

This is my fashion fabric, I purchased the corduroy at Hobby Lobby and the polyester print from Hancock. I want to make McCalls 5522, view D or C I'm still undecided about the ruffle the print is a little busy and I think it might be a bit much with a ruffle.

My DD requested a snugglie for Christmas and my GS has been asking for one ever since, hopefully I will get this done tomorrow. I got the football fleece at Hancock it was 3.95 and I used my 40% off coupon.

Went to see The Book of Eli because I go see any and everything with Denzel in it lol. It was okay, if you're not a fan of violent post-apocalyptic movies (which I'm not) it may not be your cup of tea. I prefer a kinder gentler Mo Better Blues Denzel.

One more day of sewing, let's see what develops.


Angela said...

The pants look nice and nice fabric purchases. My husband and I great Denzel fans as well and wanted to go see that movie, but it doesn't sound like my cup of tea as well.

gwensews said...

Those are some very nice and warm pants. Perfect for winter and even some outdoor sports!

Sheila said...

The pants look great and like it paired with your fleece jacket.

I am sure you GS is enjoying his snugglie.